Wince's Faves

A list of some of the things that I absolutely LOVE to eat around Melbourne. Some, so good that I've eaten more than 10 times (and counting...) yet never seem to get tired of.

Again, this is NOT a list of "Melbourne's BEST" because I don't have the credentials to claim such a thing. I am merely sharing Food that I truly enjoy. After all, dining is meant to be a very personal experience anyway.

Alright, in no particular order... 

1) Claypot Fish Head Curry | Buttermilk Prawns 
(at Kuala Lumpur Restaurant, Carnegie)

2) Stuffed Pig Intestines | "Jing Du" Pork Ribs | Pipis in XO Sauce with Chinese Doughnuts 
(at Ling Nam Restaurant, CBD)

3) Takoyaki Salad | Army Stew | Cheese Fire Chicken | Lunch Set
(at Darac Grill & Bar, CBD)

4) Korean Fried Chicken | Beer | Corn Cheese
(at Gami Chicken & Beer, CBD)

5) Chirashi Sushi 
(at Ume Sushi House, CBD)

6) Soy Piccolo Lattes | Soy Magic
(at Brother Baba Budan, CBD)

7) Jap BBQ Set | Tuna & Salmon Sashimi Salad | Braised Pork Belly
(at Maedaya, Richmond)

8) Salmone Pizza | Hot Salami Pizza | Prosciutto Pizza
(at Kaprica, CBD)

9) Spicy Cod Roe Butter Pasta | Tuna Carpaccio | Roasted Octopus in Garlic Butter
(at Horoki, CBD)

10) Hamachi Sashimi | Hotate | Ebi Karaage | Pabu Signature Roll
(at Pabu Grill & Sake, Collingwood)

11) Signature Chilli Quails | XO Prawns with Egg Noodles | Fried Tea Smoked Duck
(at Mabrown, Balwyn)

12) Agedashi Tofu | Kimchi Fried Rice with Creamy Garlic Seafood | Seafood and Spring Onion Pancake
(at Big Mama, CBD)

13) Duck Breast "Komeyui Style" | Miso Marinated Black Cod | Wagyu Sirloin Steak
(at Komeyui, Port Melbourne)

14) Brioche Pain Perdu 
(at Breakfast Thieves, Fitzroy)

15) Prawn & Chive Dumplings | Prawn & Corn Balls | Winter Melon Topped with Prawn Paste & Dried Scallops
(at Wealth Garden, Doncaster) 

16) 8 Flavoured Korean BBQ Set | Korokke | Kimchi Jjigae
(at Chang Go, CBD)

17) Sweet & Sour Chicken Crunch | Wasabi Prawns
(at Peko Peko, South Melbourne)

18) Sashimi Boat | Soft Shell Crab Roll | Gyu Niki Maki
(at Chiba, Moonee Ponds)

19) Claypot Rice with Pork Loaf & Salted Fish | Prawn Dumplings with Vermicilli | Durian Dessert
(at First Taste, Box Hill)

20) Steamed Pork Dumplings | Sichuan Boiled Fish | Fried Lamb Spareribs
(at Chinese Spicy & Barbie Kitchen, Kensington)

21) Seared Beef Tenderloin | Steamed Black Cod Miso | Chicken Stuffed with Foie Gras
(at Koko, Crown Casino)

22) Lamb Ribs with Amlou | B'Stilla Pie 
(at B'Stilla, South Yarra)

23) The Bonegilla Souvlaki | Jimmy's Dimmys
(at Jimmy Grants, Fitzroy)

24) Stone Grill Steak | Grilled Salmon Belly
(at Ishiya Stone Grill, CBD)

25) Roast Duck | Golden Fried Chicken Ribs | Steamed Eel in Black Bean Sauce
(at Pacific House, Richmond)

26) The Lagenda Special 
(at Chef Lagenda, Deer Park)

27) Water Boiled Fish | Fish Fragrant Eggplant | Veg with Tofu Strips | Fried Pork Intestines
(at Dainty Sichuan, South Yarra)

28) Ipoh Hor Fun | Signature Egg Tofu | Yam Ring with Kongpao Chicken
(The Grand Tofu, Flemington)

29) All Gelato
(Pidapipó, Carlton)

30) Thai Milk Tea | Soft Shell Crab Som Tum | Pad Thai | Coconut Crepe Cake with Coconut Ice Cream
(Jinda Thai, Richmond)