Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wince's Fave's: Big Mama, CBD

Kicking off with another "episode" of Wince's Faves... =)

Banchan aka Korean Appetisers

You'll notice that their banchans are more fried/savoury/tasty as opposed to the usual pickled selections

Korean Jap Chae 

aka potato noodles

Seafood and Spring Onion Pancake

LA Gal Bi

aka grilled beef ribs

The aftermath of one of my many, many catchup sessions at Big Mama

Korean Fried Chilli Chicken

Soon Du Bu Jigae

aka Soft Tofu and Seafood Stew


aka Potato Croquettes

Agedashi Tofu

aka Fried Tofu...... BEST OF BEST!!!

Kimchi Fried Rice with Creamy Garlic Seafood

It's no secret that I love Korean food. I think it's one of the best food to have when you're eating in the CBD. I really do. Even though there's a large selection of Korean restaurants, there's a number of reasons why Big Mama remains as my favourite for over 5 years.  

I know a lot of people who are really apprehensive or unfamiliar with Korean food, which is why I'm always keen to bring people to Big Mama. Why? It's all because of the TASTE of the dishes here that are simply outstanding and UNDENIABLE. Thus, making it perfect for an introductory/gateway meal to this wonderful cuisine. And I've tested this hypothesis on the most stubborn non-believers of Korean cuisines numerous times in the past who have all come around after a meal here. 

Great thing about suggesting this place is that I always get either one of the following reactions:
a) "What? Is it nice? I've walked past this place a thousand times but never thought of going in."
b) "Ohhh Big Mama!! I haven't been here for ages!"

But believe you, me, the food here is so delicious and you will NOT regret ordering the Kimchi Fried Rice with Creamy Garlic Seafood, Korean Fried Chilli Chicken, Seafood and Spring Onion Pancake and best of all... The Agedashi Tofu!! Everything here is pretty good but you have to order these top picks.

And yes, that Agedashi Tofu trumps all others and also makes it to my list of Top 10 Dishes of 2012...... Ta!

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