Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 10 Dishes of 2012


A coupla weeks ago, Sharky (of Sharking for Chips and Drinks) e-mailed me about this post where he's approaching a few Melbourne bloggers to put together each of our Top 10 Dishes of 2012. 

I thought it was a fantastic idea. Never really thought of putting together a list like this, so I was kind of curious to know what my Top 10 dishes would turn out to be as well. Besides, it's always fun to collaborate and connect with fellow bloggers in the community =)

Just to clarify, this is list consists of my Top 10 favourite dishes to eat, and not what I think the Top 10 "best" dishes in Melbourne are (based on restaurant standards or whatever). It's more of a personal thing that basically showcases food that I was happily eating over and over again the past year, which I hope you'll appreciate too. Who knows, this Top 10 dishes thing might turn into an annual thing too... Eh? Eh...? 

Anyhoo, do expect a new post in the New Year where I'll be starting to take a slightly different approach to the way I blog on The Hungry Excavator, so stay tuned! I'm currently on holiday in my hometown of Kota Kinabalu but am very active on Instagram. Do add me (@winceeeeso we can stay connected! =)

Thanks again Sharky for thinking of me for this list. Definitely look forward to catching up with you sometime soon! Do check out the full post and see the Top 10 picks by the other awesome Melbourne food bloggers: here


"My life as a full-time studying/part-time working student the past 5 years has really shaped me to become particularly passionate about searching the Melbourne food scene for food that are affordable, delicious and more importantly, value for money

Being a Chinese-Malaysian (and hence my affinity towards Asian cuisines), it is evident to see how my list of Top 10 dishes really does reflect who I am and where I'm from."

- Winston aka "The Hungry Excavator"

In no particular order:

1) Roast duck - Pacific House Richmond

Blog post to come

2) Salmone Pizza - Kaprica

Full post: here

3) Hamachi Sashimi - Pabu Grill & Sake

Full post: here

4) Korean Fried Chicken - Gami Chicken & Beer

Full post: here

5) Chirashi Sushi - Ume Sushi House

Full post: here

6) Claypot Fish Head Curry - Kuala Lumpur Restaurant

Full post: here

7) Deep Fried Lamb Spare Ribs - Chinese Spicy & Barbie

Blog post to come

8) Spicy Deep Fried Quail - Mabrown

Blog post to come

 9) Spicy Cod Roe Butter Pasta - Horoki

Full post: here

10) Agedashi Tofu - Big Mama

Blog post to come

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