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Wince's Faves: Gami Chicken & Beer, CBD


How's err'buddy doin'? So today, we're back with another "episode" of the Wince's Faves series (Weee-heeee~~). This time, with......... GAMI!!!!! =)

For all of you who don't know much about Gami, let me enlighten you. To put it simply, the whole restaurant can be summed up in two categories: Korean Fried Chicken. And BEER. Oooooooh mama. And everyone knows that I love Korean food, but this is just a whole different category on its own.

Many months ago when I was still thinking about whether or not to start up a list of my favourite places to eat, Gami was one of the first places that immediately came to mind. I have honestly been here SoOoOoOoOo many times that I'd be crazy not to.

I always find myself coming back for different reasons, different occasions and most of all, different groups of friends. It's because of all these really different reasons why even after all this time, I can honestly say that I still am not sick of it ;p

It really is one of my favourite places to be in Melbourne and a place that's quite special to me. Today, I hope to show you why when it comes to Gami, it really isn't just about the Food.....

Here's a recap of a coupla things that I normally order:

Tteok Bok Ki -- $13
Stir fried rice cakes, fish cakes, vegetables and noodles in gourmet chilli sauce

Fried Dumplings -- $12

I like it when you get glass noodles inside Korean dumplings

Corn Cheese -- $9
Simply corn and cheese


To be brutally honest, you really have NOT been to Gami until you've had their Corn Cheese. Period.

Now, this was a dish that I've seen on the menu many, many times since I started going there but chose to ignore because the description only says "Simply corn and cheese". But then, my friend strongly suggested that I try, no matter how much I protested. I mean, if it's just going to be corn on a cob with some sprinkled cheese, why would I even wanna order that?

Then BAM.

Food hit the table and it was not what I expected at all.


Sweet corn kernels, swimming in a pool of delectable sauce made of mostly evaporated milk, then topped with a generous, unforgiving layer of the goooey-est and yummiest MOZZARELLA cheese that comes piping hot in a hot plate....


It is so good. So, SO good.

One of the most awesomest thing to put in your mouth. For me, this definitely falls under the "Most Awesomely Cheesy" and "Totally Unexpected Eat Your Own Words" category. Too much? I think not.

In plain words, it's just YUMMY.

Korean Style Fried Chicken -- $30
with sweet chilli and sweet soy garlic

First of all, I love it how every one has their own favourite flavour of Chicken at Gami. All completely up to taste and preference. A lot of my friends actually like the Original ones too. As for me, I like em all.

Best thing about Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) is the thick batter they use, which makes it CRUNCHY, not crispy. Just a nice bite, sound and taste. As with other KFCs, I love how they use the whole chicken.

Personally, I just love the sauce, batter and everything. Chicken comes out moist and tastes so good especially when you eat them with your hands. YUM.

Gami House Specialty Beer -- $42
for Oak (4000ml)

As if having the awesome corn cheese and KFC wasn't enough, we LOVE the Beer here too. It's light (but not in the diluted kind of way) and flavoursome. Just all round PERFECT to down it with the KFC.

Let's just say we've ordered so many of the Oaks over the years and still can't get enough. Besides being good, it's just an awesome thing to share with a group seeing as it comes in a "barrel" ;p

Some of the many, MANY group pictures we've taken here over the years... Fun times =)

To sum up, Gami to me is just a GREAT place to have dinner whether you're in a small group or big. Birthday/farewell/end of exam/midnight fried chicken craving/ or just a regular Friday night. I've done it all and many times over. Just a fantastic place to have a good time with your mates, overall.

In terms of just the KFC, some may say they prefer the ones at Hallah, but after being there myself, I honestly like the one at Gami better. Personal preference.

Also, it's convenient to host big party dinners cause they take bookings with no minimum charge and located quite strategically in the CBD. Price is reasonable. AND, they open Late... Which is a HUGE plus for my friends and I, who are always looking for a place to either chill or GO NUTS on weekends. This is why Gami is just as much about the food and beer, as it is the "atmosphere". And almost every group of friends that I have all know and like Gami, that's why we're always coming back with different people.

Heck, you wouldn't even believe the number of times we had Gami Delivery whether it's cause it's exams and we have no time to cook or whether friends and I are just hanging out at my place.

At the end of the day, we're not looking for anything "gourmet" or "fancy", we just want to be care-free . It's just good Korean Fried Chicken and Beer. Don't overcomplicate =)

That's why for me, whenever I have visitors who ask me to take them out for a true "Melbourne Experience", I say GAMI. True "STUDENT" experience in Melbourne, at least. Good food, good friends and lots of good beer. What more could you ask for? ;)

Gami on Urbanspoon Gami on Urbanspoon

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