Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Premises, Kensington

Hey guys,

How are we doing? Just wanted to apologise and also thank you guys for bearing with me while I was on my mini-hiatus due to exams. And for that, I will be updating this blog more regularly than ever (at least for the next month) and you can expect a fresh new post every few days. I hope you stay tuned...! =)

As some of you may know (from Twitter), I'm now back at my hometown of Kota Kinabalu (in Borneo, Malaysia) for a month. Before I came back, people have been asking me why I'm back in KK again so soon. Especially cause they know I always travel as much as possible with friends during holidays and only come back for Chinese New Year.

Well, the reason for that is just so I can really spend a good amount of time with my family as I'll be graduating and starting work full time next year. Once that happens, I'll be limited to annual leave and won't be able to spend as much time with them like I can now as a student. Guess this is probably the last time that I can do just that. Also, I've really missed playing with my little baby nephew so I'm extremely glad I'm back to see the bub! So here I am, back again, and soaking up as much of the family and food lovin' as I can ;)

ANY-HOO, back to the post. Last year, my friend J and I found ourselves here at The Premises after our initial plan to try out Auction Rooms flopped (as the lines were crazy on a Saturday and it happened to be raining too lol).

So here's a recap of our meal that day...

Soy Piccolo

Soy Piccolo... My dead set coffee of choice for about 2 years now. So much so that I now find normal lattes too weak or diluted now haha.

Anyway, this was good. Pretty decent latte art for a soy (which tends to curdle), let alone a piccolo. But more than that, it had the full body flvaour that I enjoy in coffees.

Hot Salt Beef Roll -- $13.50
(with provolone cheese, hot English mustard and pickled red cabbage)

I liked this. Tasted just like corned beef but with the texture of pulled pork that we're used to. Another good thing was that the whole thing was warm. Bread, beef and all. That aside, the hot English mustard was such a joy because it contrasted everything really well.

Couldn't really taste the red cabbage in comparison to the salted beef and mustard but it did take the appearance to a striking new level. Really generous and meaty dish so was quite full from just eating half. Luckily we shared this between the both of us, haha.

French Toasted Brioche -- $14.50
(with a baked apple, sultana and cinnamon compote & vanilla bean creme anglaise)

BEST thing about this was the custard... Myyyy ohhhhh myyyy... I couldn't stop drowning my toast in it and it's great to see/taste the little specks of vanilla pods in it too. Mmm...

Everything else was alright. But personally, I like my French toasts quite plain and simple. Usually with just poached pears, drizzled with some maple syrup and that's it. But these baked apples are a good substitute for that.

Aren't the classic, old school, rustic "classroom style" tables by the window just awesome? Loved it

To cap it off, the food was alright, not bad. It was nice splitting half a savoury and half a sweet dish between two people. Did it "jump out" enough to make a strong enough impression that will make this place particularly come to mind when someone is asking me to suggest a place for brunch? Not exactly.

But, the overall experience was still pleasant so I wouldn't mind coming back here again with friends who'd like to try =)

Hope you're all doing well and I'll see you guys in a few days with a fresh new blog post! I've got a whole bunch of awesome stuff lined up that I can't wait to share...! =D

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