Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heart breaking

Came across this video on a friend's mum's food blog, HungerHunger, a food blog that I follow closely.

My eyes became watery and was moved midway through the video, because I can't help but think I am in no way at all better than any of the people he mentioned in that video.

And though I can't change the way and what I eat 100% immediately, especially if you're a student living overseas who need to feed yourself for at least 3 meals everyday, but I have decided to start small.

And nobody understands the struggles of living with a tight time and money budget on meals as a student more than me.

That is why I am truly inspired right now to work on and share with all you international students, busy working adults, as well as other keen demographics out there, my

Top 10 Quick, Easy and Cheap Recipes for 2010 (especially for Students).

Cause I might not have mentioned it before, but this is one of my main convictions and reasons for starting this Food Blog in the first place. I really want to present cooking in its easiest and simplest form for people who need it most. So doing this would definitely be a dream come true for me.

And I know I'm not the best and most experienced chef in the world, but I can identify with a lot of people and that's good enough. So for the next few weeks (and possibly months), I will do whatever I can to experiment, perfect and explore ways of cooking simple and healthy meals that ANY one can do.

Cause, hey. Before I came to Australia, the only thing I have ever cooked in my Life was instant noodles, and not even fried eggs. So I can completely relate with people who tell themselves, "I have never and CAN'T cook at all, really." But trust me, when it comes to things like these, you can ONLY get better.

So for experienced cooks - please don't expect too much or laugh at the overly simple recipes I'm about to share. This may or may not be what you like to see but it does the job.

Hopefully new cooks - please don't think that you need to be highly skilled to try any of these recipes, cause I believe that you CAN.

And I only hope that if I start to slowly cultivate a good habit, I may be able to discard the bad simultaneously without having to try too hard. Small steps, but I am hopeful.

So if you have a bit of spare time, please check out the video below. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Much Love,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

J-Pub Shogun, Lonsdale Street


So since I've been back to Melbourne, I can't help but feel pretty bored, almost SICK of the food from almost every meal I eat in the city. Don't get me wrong, it's still really good and all and I'm sure visitors would love it just as much as I did the first time I was there.

It's just that it's my 3rd year here, and every time I eat at the same place again, I just keep thinking, "Meh... I've been here for the Nth time and been seeing the same menu for the Nth time too... ZZZ...".

Which is weird that I feel this way cause most of my friends have been here longer than I have. Anyway, I guess that's why I end up packing up the rest of my food almost every time, just cause my stomach refuses to go on the same thing any further.

I am in dire need of something FRESH and NEW to eat in the city. Somewhere that gets me excited about food the same way it did the first year I was here... Please.

And fortunately enough, I regained that same euphoria once again tonight over dinner with my friends.

So my friend and I were at McDonald's working together last night, and he casually mentioned to me that his Dad owns and runs this sort of new Japanese restaurant (which I've been meaning to try for a while now) in the city. Less than 24 hrs later, I got my friends to go with me to try out this new place.

And all I can say is... YUM. So refreshing to see items on the menu that I've never seen in other Japanese restaurants before that actually turned out REALLY good. To top that off, I really loved the service and ambience they had going on in the restaurant and I can't wait to go back for their famous Yakitori next time.

Also, I guess I've always been a little sceptical about Japanese food cause 3/5 of them severely lack authenticity that's why most of the time I would opt for Korean food. Also the same reason that there are only THREE Japanese restaurants in Melbourne that I am extremely fond of.

And after tonight, I am so glad that I have found another place to add to my extremely short list of good Japanese restaurants in Melbourne =)))

Only thing is, it may be slightly over a student's budget so it's not something you could eat every day, but so are the other restaurants in my list so oh well. Was really worth the money though =D

So anyway, dinner tonight was at:

J-Pub Shogun Japanese Restaurant and Bar

3/233 Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9663 3996

Funnily enough, my friend is actually Korean and not Japanese lol. But thanks anyway, Jay, for the GREAT recommendation! Your Dad was super funny and cool with all of us and really LOVE the food! Would definitely go back some day =)

Now for the piks, enjoy!

Appetizer #1: Sashimi Tower Salad - An enjoyable way to eat bite sized pieces of tuna and salmon sashimi with salad!

Appetizer #2: Dragon Sushi - Sushi with Ebi (prawn) Tempura, Unagi and Cheese. Like all our favourites put together. Highly recommended to eat it immediately before the cheese begins to harden and while you can still taste the crunchiness of the prawn!

Main #1: Yaki Udon - Stir fried udon with seafood. A really tasty dish which was thankfully not oily

Main #2: Stir-fried egg plant with minced meat, garlic shoots and spicy miso paste - Rather salty but otherwise tasty. Thought the garlic shoots were a fantastic idea. Complimented the dish really well.

Main #3: Tonkatsu - A bit over-cooked but batter was cooked and browned really nicely.

Main #4: Ebi Mayo - Prawn Tempura in special mayonnaise sauce. Extremely big and succulent prawns MMM. And hey, how can you go wrong with fried food served with Jap mayo, even at home. Right again.

Main #5: Rice with shredded salmon in Dashi broth - Served as an "after dinner" dish by the Japanese but can't seem to remember what it's called ARGHH!! Anyway, all of us LOVEDDD this cause it was so simple but DAMN was the Dashi broth delicious!! In perfect harmony with the salmon and rice. MMMM

Erm, we might have ordered a bit more than usual (without regret!) cause we only ate at about 9:45 p.m. and were so so hungry

A genuine smile after experiencing the joy of discovering somewhere nice and new to eat again with my dear friends

Jay's Dad was so cool to us, especially after he found out that I worked with him. He kept coming over to talk and laugh with us while making sure the food was okay. Towards the end, just as we were contemplating dessert, the waiter sent a plate of Black Sesame and Green Tea ice cream our way complimentary of his Dad. THANKSSSSS MR. KIM!!!!

Anyway, 2 appetizers, 5 mains, 2 drinks and a great meal later, bill came up to be AU$105 (excluding ice cream) which was approx AU$25 per person, money well spent if you ask me =)

Hope you guys are doing awesome wherever you are!

Much Love,