Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heart breaking

Came across this video on a friend's mum's food blog, HungerHunger, a food blog that I follow closely.

My eyes became watery and was moved midway through the video, because I can't help but think I am in no way at all better than any of the people he mentioned in that video.

And though I can't change the way and what I eat 100% immediately, especially if you're a student living overseas who need to feed yourself for at least 3 meals everyday, but I have decided to start small.

And nobody understands the struggles of living with a tight time and money budget on meals as a student more than me.

That is why I am truly inspired right now to work on and share with all you international students, busy working adults, as well as other keen demographics out there, my

Top 10 Quick, Easy and Cheap Recipes for 2010 (especially for Students).

Cause I might not have mentioned it before, but this is one of my main convictions and reasons for starting this Food Blog in the first place. I really want to present cooking in its easiest and simplest form for people who need it most. So doing this would definitely be a dream come true for me.

And I know I'm not the best and most experienced chef in the world, but I can identify with a lot of people and that's good enough. So for the next few weeks (and possibly months), I will do whatever I can to experiment, perfect and explore ways of cooking simple and healthy meals that ANY one can do.

Cause, hey. Before I came to Australia, the only thing I have ever cooked in my Life was instant noodles, and not even fried eggs. So I can completely relate with people who tell themselves, "I have never and CAN'T cook at all, really." But trust me, when it comes to things like these, you can ONLY get better.

So for experienced cooks - please don't expect too much or laugh at the overly simple recipes I'm about to share. This may or may not be what you like to see but it does the job.

Hopefully new cooks - please don't think that you need to be highly skilled to try any of these recipes, cause I believe that you CAN.

And I only hope that if I start to slowly cultivate a good habit, I may be able to discard the bad simultaneously without having to try too hard. Small steps, but I am hopeful.

So if you have a bit of spare time, please check out the video below. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Much Love,

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