Saturday, February 2, 2013

Komeyui, Port Melbourne

Love the clean, sophisticated and sustainable fitout of the restaurant with the soft lighting along the wall. Stunning

Complimentary appetiser:
 Tuna and Seaweed topped with Goji Berry

Duck Breast Komeyui Style -- $16 (5 pieces)
Thinly sliced and delicately cooked duck breast with soy-based red wine sauce and potato chips

Breaded Prawn Plum Sauce -- $18 (6 pieces)
Carefully prepared prawn paste sandwiched in deep fried bread

Eel with Mascaporne Cheese and Dried Tomato -- $30
Grilled eel with Japanese flavoured mascaporne cheese and semi fried tomato

Uni Don -- $50
Raw sea urchins on Japanese rice 

Berkshire Pork Kakuni -- $22
Japanese braised Berkshire pork dish which literally means "square simmered", 10-hours slow cooking to achieve the melt-in-mouth tenderness

Complimentary rice:
Japanese rice cooked with ginger, soy, vinegar and chicken pieces

Chan Chan -- $37 (2 pieces)
Hokkaido specialty dish, foil wrapped grilled salmon with miso butter sauce and vegetables

Miso Marinated Black Cod "Saikyo-yaki" -- $35
Kyoto traditional dish, char-grilled miso marinated cod

Wagyu Sirloin Steak -- $55 (200g)
Charcoal grilled wagyu beef Sirloin with grated radish & soy based sauce

Soft Shell Crab Roll -- $22
Fried Soft Shell Crab with Avocado, Spicy mayonnaise, Flying fish roe, Lettuce

Complimentary dessert:
Sliced cantaloupe/rockmelon

The whole setting was so gentle and inviting from the moment we walked in. Then, came the food... WOW. Just, wow. We started on a high note from the very first course and it seemed like every dish that came after just kept getting better and better. All night long we found ourselves overjoyed at the sight of the food before savouring each bite with true enjoyment/gratitude whilst thinking to ourselves as to how we could be so lucky. It was some seriously good Japanese food we were getting.

Just imagine, the play of flavour/texture of that perfectly cooked duck breast, delightful melt-in-your mouth braised pork, silky smooth and deliciously sweet black cod, charcoal crusted and amazingly tender wagyu... Just to name a few. 

The 6 of us were really enthusiastic eaters and happily ate our way through the menu, sampling as much variety as we could. We came for a friend's farewell and had a blast sitting at the restaurant for hours just talking/laughing away. There were quite a few complimentary items last night and even when we had finished eating for a long time, the staff kept refilling our waters non stop and eventually brought out some free fruits to share too.

It's very, very rare I would pay $48 for a Jap dinner but I must honestly say you're getting your money's worth. After that sensational experience, I will DEFINITELY recommend Komeyui to everyone looking for honest, authentic and high quality Japanese food. Heck, even I can't stop thinking about this place and hope I get to come back for another meal. AMAZING.

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