Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cafe Saffron, Ivanhoe

Beef Andhra - $17.90
Exotically cooked beef in a mustard seed, curry leaf and coconut cream based sauce

Complimentary Papadams

Aman E Saaq - $15.90
Combination of fresh cottage cheese and spinach puree cooked to perfection with ground spices

Garlic Naan
Roasted bread of plain flour with a fresh garlic flavour

Rada E Gosht - $17.90
A Cafe Saffron signature. Perfect curry of lamb and lamb mince

Keema Naan
Baked bread of flour stuffed with seasonal minced meat

Saffron Pulao - $4.00
Saffron flavoured basmati rice

Seriously delicious.... Bite after bite

Wiped every drop clean! =D

Mango Lassi - $3.50
Indian yoghurt drink with mango flavour

Kesari Kulfi - $5.90
Traditional saffron flavoured homemade Indian ice-cream with an irresistible blend of pistachio

What a lot of people don't realise is that even though I enjoy recommending places to people, I LOVE trying out other people's recommendations even more. As was the case when my mate J took my other friend and I to Cafe Saffron, an Indian restaurant that he and his family loves going to. 

So glad he did because every single dish was spot on and utterly delicious. The flavours were simply beautiful and the consistency of the sauces were nicely thick and slightly creamy, which made it oh so addictive to slather all over our naan or drown our rice in.

But my favourite definitely has to be the one with spinach puree and cottage cheese! It was different and hard to make out. All I can say is that it was tasty (and slightly spicy too) but you couldn't help but keep spooning more of the sauce onto our plate. The cheese tasted more like bocconcini which gave a nice chewy and neutral element to the dish. I know that this is a common dish in other Indian restaurants, but I've never ordered this anywhere else so don't know how it would fair but the one here tasted pretty damn awesome.

Definitely my go to place for Indian now (it's nice to mix it up with the cuisines hey) because it was absolutely flawless. Price was absolutely value for money too as we were insanely full to the brim by the time we left. All that food, 3 people, $25 per person. There's so SO much to choose from on their menu too but if it's your first time there, definitely try the spinach puree dish for a change. I'm sure you'll find it interesting and enjoy it too. 

Thanks again J for taking us here. It was a fantastic meal and we should totally come back sometime soon!

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