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Wince's Faves: Maedaya, Richmond

The famous, unmistakeable interior of Maedaya that anyone can identify in an instant!

So some of you may have heard of Maedaya already, some of you may not. I first came to Maedaya 2 or 3 years ago for my friend Ann's birthday... And LOVED IT. But for some reason, I've just completely forgotten about this place altogether since then until earlier this year when I started coming here again. I mean, I've been here another 3 times with different groups of friends this year alone and am still nowhere close to being "tired" of this place =D

When eating at Maedaya, you have the option of choosing from one of two menus:
1) Japanese BBQ dining (upstairs); or
2) A la carte dining (downstairs)

I guess what I love most about Maedaya is that it's one of those places that a lot of people knows and love. What's more, is that most people would have their own favourite dishes at Maedaya already off the top of their heads (myself included).

One of the things they're most known for is definitely their yakitori (aka Japanese skewers)...

LOVE taking photos of this place =)

To start, I'll share one of the Jap BBQ meals I had with some mates of mine earlier this year...

Doesn't the menu look so fantastic? SO much to choose from!

Mixed Platter 1 (serves 4 - 6) -- $33.50

FANTASTIC VALUE!!! There's more to this plate than it looks and has everything you'd want including beef, chicken, pork, sausages and some veg. I always recommend people getting this as well as some side dishes to share, and you'll be more than content (without busting your wallets), seriously... Works out to be around $6/person? Great!!

It's all very good. Great variety, portions and very affordably priced. But my favourite is definitely those Japanese sausages that they give. Grilled on direct flame until the skin's just snappy, piping hot and bursting with juices in every bite... YUMMM

Another thing I LOVE about eating the Jap BBQ at Maedaya is the 3 different sauces that they give as condiments. Spicy miso, Japanese BBQ and sth else (I forgot, sry!). PERRRFECT for your grilled meats =)

Yakitori Set

Great to share and eat with your BBQ meal. And to be honest, there really is no point going into detail about the type of meat/sauce of each. I say this because none of those "over-rationalised description" matters but just how yummy and delightful it is to eat. Simple as that lol

Tuna & Salmon Salad -- $12.80

Another dish that you really can't go past when you're here is the salads. They're fresh, delicious and served in a big bowl, which makes it perfect to pass around and share within the group. I love the tuna & salmon one because of the cubes of sashimi and crab meats. Absolutely delish.

On the other hand, I find that their Crispy Calamari Salad a close second because of how the hot, crunchy fried calamari contrasts the fresh, crunchy salad mix really well. Mmmm...

Soft-Shelled Crabs

These were perfectly fried. Our crabs were meaty and the bit I got even had a bit of roe too. Really perfect, just as how all soft-shelled crabs should be. Only thing was I wished we had more. But then again, these soft shelled crab side dishes are never meant to be big anyway. What a tease, huh?

Braised Pork Belly

Another dish you HAVE to order when you're here is their braised pork bellehhhhh (!!!!). I kid you not, this is everything that you wish and hope your pork belly dish at home would taste like. Incredibly soft and tender meat with fats that literally MELTS in your mouth. In a sweet, tasty and addictive sauce. Cannot think of a better dish to go with rice.

SOOOO good. Do yourselves a favour and give this dish a shot! I know for us, one serve is never enough ;p

Again, our meal really was fantastic. As usual, I love the fact that the BBQ set is good and cheap, which gives us the option to order many of our other favourite dishes from the menu too. FUN.


Now, here's a snapshot of the other time I came and ordered stuff downstairs from their A La Carte menu...

(All taken with iPhone... Hope you don't mind!!)

This was from a meal we had when my ex-classmates was visiting from the UK...

Wafu Steak
Salmon Namban

I'd definitely recommend the wafu steak. It's basically Japanese version of beef patty but by golly, were they tasty and delicious or what.

Sumiyaki Set -- $16.80
Crispy Calamari Salad -- $10.80
Kawari Tuna Sashimi -- $13.80
Strawberry Daifuku

Enjoyed everything that we ordered.
- The grilled set was great (with the exception of beef being slightly tough)
- Crispy calamari salad always a crowd pleaser
- Tuna sashimi was interesting. Thick slices dressed in oil and wasabi mayo
- Daifuku pleasant, can't complain

Happy days...!!

Then, we came back about a month later just to celebrate my friend Vanessa's birthday. Where, the restaurant gave us a complimentary sushi cake (cause it was someone's birthday) and my friend Danie made the most stunning Rainbow Cake for the birthday girl... T'was a fantastic night.

Anyway, to cap off, there's many reasons why I keep coming back to Maedaya. The food is good, the price is cheap, and it's just a fantastic place to let loose and have fun at group dinners, while sipping sake and having a laugh with your friends. Cannot ask for a better setting. And I've got so many favourite dishes here too, which never fails to keep me and my friends happy each time. So many great memories at this place... And the reason why it's definitely going under my Wince's Faves list.

Though, I must say think I'd still prefer the Jap BBQ menu over the A La Carte one just because of the awesome value. So, if you've got a group (big or small) and need somewhere to eat, definitely give this place a go. Am sure you and your friends would have just as much fun here as we did. Enjoy! =)

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