Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jimmy Grants and Gelato Messina

Jimmy Grants:

Pita ($2.50) with Taramosalata Dip ($5.00)

Steamed Jimmy Dimmy ($5.00)

Slightly hipster soft drinks (not complaining)

Grain Salad ($8.00)

The Bonegilla ($8.50)
Combo chicken + lamb, mustard aioli, chips, onions, parsley


The Patris ($9.50)
Prawns, attiki honey, mayo, cucumber, mint, coriander

The Bonegilla... Dissected 

Gelato Messina:

Messina's most famous ice cream cake?

I like how they display their ice cream in ginormous spheres

Just towards the end of last year, I caught with Shellie, April, Kat and Ling (along with their hubbies and kids) over a souvlaki and ice cream run on a nice, sunny Sunday afternoon. Perfect. 

It was my second visit to Jimmy Grants and I do declare that that place is AWESOME. The souvlakis were a home run each time. First, I love how the pita bread is crusty on the outside, yet soft and pillowy on the inside. Delish. Plus, the grilled meat is done perfectly and paired with an incredible aioli. Could not fault it one bit and I was just surprised by how much I liked it the first time. Then, surprised again by how spot on it was the second time too. Plus, the fact that it's under $10 just makes it such an awesome value. Not the biggest souvas around, but I liked that it gives you room to order the side dishes or perhaps share a second souva with your friends ;). Oh and also, you HAVE to order the Jimmys Dimmys -- hands down most awesome dimmys in town! Uber thin skin and I love the incredibly soft texture and vibrant flavour of the filling. Surprising that the best dimmys is from a Greek restaurant, but respectably so. On the other hand, I don't think I enjoyed the famous grain salad as much as others did.

After a lovely lunch with the gang, we took a short stroll one block down to the newly opened Gelato Messina. I remember having the famous gelato chain in Sydney in 2011 for the first time. It was at The Star casino, I had the blood orange sorbet and it was great. I liked the interior of their new Melbourne branch. Shellie and I shared the Jack Daniel Smoked Chocolate Ice Cream and also the French Apple Pie. Put it this way, I loooove a boozy dessert. I'll be honest, I like them really boozy. The ones that you feel can almost knock you out. Let's just say that the JD flavoured ice cream almost took me there. French Apple Pie was so delicious too. Is it really the best ice cream in town, I don't know. I think I enjoyed Messina not so much for the ice cream, but because I had a fantastic lunch prior with awesome company. But truthfully speaking, that's how ice cream is meant to be enjoyed, isn't it?

Once again, I just cannot get enough of the food scene in the Fitzroy area. There's so much to eat and experience whether you're going for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. Grabbing a souvlaki lunch at Jimmy Grants followed by dessert at Messina. WICKED. And I recommend people do the same too. Otherwise, my other favourite thing to do at night in the area is to grab dinner at Vegie Bar before heading to have awesome n2 Gelato for dessert.

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