Monday, July 1, 2013

Chang Go, Melbourne CBD

Yeeee-haaaaaaw!! The Famous 8 Flavoured Pork Belly BBQ Set!!
1. Wine
2. Original
3. Ginseng
4. Garlic
5. Herb
6. Curry
7. Miso Paste
8. Hot

Hidden dead smack centre of the CBD in an alley that nobody cared to look... When it actually is just right behind Melbourne Central -- go figure!

A deserted street at night, perfect location for one of Melbourne's best kept secret, no?

LOVE it when places serve this spring onion salad, such a perfect accompaniment to a Korean BBQ meal

Want... MOARRR!

Sexy, fatty, caramelised pork belly action...

AMAZING Kimchi Jjigae as part of the BBQ Set Meal

Sweet and Sour Chicken -- $25.50

Korokke (Japanese Croquettes) -- $10

8 Flavoured Pork Belly!!!!!!!!! E. Nuff. Said.

Chang Go, a place that I recently went to for dinner with I-Hua, Zeboy, Agnes and Thanh after we went on a day trip to Ballarat =)

One of the many things I love about my cousins is that they're actually the ones who's introduced me to so many great places to eat around Melbourne, including this place. I must be honest, I was being slightly selfish for not wanting to speak about this place at all for the longest time, even though I've been secretly coming here for about 1.5 years. It's just.. It's just... It's just that I love this place SO much and it's already so hard to get a table here as it is, despite not being particularly "famous" on Urbanspoon. That said, I know I've been being a bit silly about the whole thing so I've decided to blog it today =)

This place, as you might've imagined by now, is dead famous for its 8 Flavoured Pork Belly. To me, it really is Pork Belly Heaven for all you Pork lovers out there. Makes for such a unique Korean BBQ experience too. Piece after piece of thick, juicy and beautifully charred pork belly sensation. Very different to the usual paper thin pork belly you get in most places (yawn). I do admit that I do lose track of which flavour of pork I'm eating halfway through the meal, but I honestly don't care. It's all good nonetheless although if I did have to pick, I'd probably lean more towards the Ginseng and Miso Paste Flavour. Gewd stuff. 

The Pork Belly Set is $58.80, comes with 8 Flavoured Pork belly, soy bean stew, vegetables and rice. Can comfortably feed 5 - 6 ppl each time. 

The other dishes were really good too IMO. First of all, the kimchi here is top notch. Definitely balanced in all the right ways. Just as good (if not better?) than the one at Don Woori and Woo Ga. Also, the Koroke is an AWESOME dish to order. Utterly delish. A perfect side to order, very generous for only $10 too! Finally, what I like to do is switch the soy bean stew that comes with the set to Kimchi Stew instead. The one here was really, really good. It was generous with fresh seafood (like crab, prawns etc) that it added a natural sweetness to the soup. 

Although the service when we went that night was rather slow, but it was the first time I've experienced that out of my 5 meal experiences here. Plus, we noticed it was only our table that was slow as every other table around us had finished well on time. All good though, because we had a good laugh with the waiters about it. No biggie.

Anyway, this place is def up there for my favourite Korean BBQ in Melbourne. What I highly recommend you doing is:
- Organise a group of 5 to 6
- Come early
- Order the Pork Belly Set
- Switch the soy bean stew to kimchi stew
- Order an extra serve of Koroke

BEST part about this place is not just the delicious food and unique experience, but also how VALUE FOR MONEY it is. Our meal that night was only $17 per person when a typical Korean BBQ meal would almost always cost $25 - $35 per person. Preeeeetty good... 

Do hope you give this place a go. Peace!

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ChangGo on Urbanspoon

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