Thursday, June 6, 2013

Peko Peko, South Melbourne

Peko Sausage -- $8.00

Unique house made Taiwanese sausage

Beef About -- $12.00

Tenderly stewed beef slices, authentic herb & spice stock with broad Taiwanese noodle

Pork Chop Addiction -- $13.00

Traditional Taiwanese deep fried pork cutlet, served with pickled cabbage

Requested Sriracha Mayo (best combo ever) to dip it in... Perfect!!

Custard Pancake

Wasabi Mayo Prawn -- $9.00

Battered prawn tossed in light wasabi mayo

Taiwanese sausage again

Chilli Chicken Peko Box -- $13.00

Tender chicken pieces wok tossed with dried chilli, carrot, broccoli, flaming hot tangy sauce

Crispy Honey Beef -- $13.00

Crispy fried beef strips wok-tossed with onion, capsicum, special honey sauce

Sweet and Sour Chicken Crunch -- $13.00 (my favourite!!!)

Traditional battered chicken cooked with onion, capsicum, sweet and sour sauce


"Peko Peko?"


A conversation that I have with various groups of friends. It's just a place that everyone seems to know and love... Including me.

I knew that this was a place that I would love from the moment I walked in the first time I ate there a while ago. The smell of colourful flavours wafting through the air, amidst the buzz and chatter of a full house in a well lit, relaxed and downright fuss free setting. Party of 10 celebrating a birthday... Family dinner of 5... Date night for 2... Groups of friends catching up... You could tell that every one there was having a good time and enjoying their food. It was the instant vibe of the place that struck me the most.

Then, of course... The food. It was one of those places that I had trouble picking what I wanted because they all sounded too good... And then of course my friends and I would agree to each order something different so we could all share dishes to try (so Asian, I know...)

It was all simple, but DAMN tasty. We each had our own favourites here. For some, it was the classic "Taiwanese pork chop", or the "kong bao" chicken, or the "honey beef".... But my absolute favourite HAS got to be those darn-friggidy-good Wasabi Prawns and Sweet & Sour Chicken Box.

Even though I've had more than my fair share of traumatic experiences with Sweet and Sour dishes in Australia, this one really caught me by surprise. It tasted JUST like the one my Mum makes at home. First, it wasn't bright neon pinkish-purplish-red. The chicken was still crispy and juicy, which means it was deep fried TWICE then only tossed at the end ever so quickly (as you should). Sauce had strong wok flavour from the onions and capsicum too... Again, just like home. I could go on and on eating this dish. Sweet and Sour dishes were my absolute favourite growing up, just ask my Mum. It's great. Thankfully, I've got my Mum's handwritten recipe for this too, which I can't wait to share. 

That aside, it's those wasabi prawns, which got me singing for days. Super crunchy, juicy and with just the right amount of wasabi in the mayo. So damn good!! And I've never liked wasabi flavoured dishes until now.

Overall, Peko Peko is fun, relaxed, really affordably priced and IMHO... Value for Money. For me, I can't think of anywhere in Melbourne that is anywhere like Peko Peko. It's one of a kind. And I can't begin to express how badly I want to go back to this place again soon... YUM

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