Monday, May 27, 2013

Shyun, Carnegie

Special: Salmon Lover -- $15.90

Miso Katsu Don (Pork) -- $9.90

Sukiyaki Hot Pot -- $14.90

Kaki Frai (Deep Fried Oysters) -- $10.00 

Chef's Rolls (special of the day)

Photo taken from my Instagram: @winceeee

I honestly do think that we are spoilt for choice in Melbourne when it comes to awesome Japanese food. Shyun is definitely one of them. This was another place that I took my family to when they were here for a visit last month. Needless to say it was truly enjoyed by all.

One of Shyun's most notable value proposition is definitely it's affordable pricing. They are run by Japanese people who give a damn about good quality Japanese food and this is the kind of Japanese food that I want to eat. Fresh ingredients, good variety (with constantly updated specials board), faultless execution and easy on the wallet. Overall, value for money. And this is really what I'm all about (VFM) whenever I eat out. Not how much or little I spend.

The price is so affordable that you don't feel guilty for ordering everything that is calling out to you from their extensive menu. It was a cold Autumn's night and that sukiyaki hotpot was perfect for the occasion. Massive portion for the price of one. The kaki frai (deep fried oysters) were one of the best we've had. Super crunchy, piping hot and creamy/fresh flavours on the inside. So good we ordered two. Always order the Chef's Rolls everytime I come, in anticipation of what the chef might whip up for us that day. Honestly, even the staff wouldn't be able to tell you what the chef is making.

Shyun really is one of my favourite Japanese joints in Melbourne (in the Cheap and Affordable category). Thanks again Thanh for sharing this great jewel to all of us, your friends and followers on your Instagram =)

Like I said, Shyun is just one of the many Jap places that I love in Melbourne, including:

Pabu Sake and Grill (for Izakaya and Sake)
Komeyui (for amazing quality Japanese)
Ibuki House Restaurant (for special occasion and banquet)
Ume Sushi House (for decent Jap in the CBD)

... And I'm sure there'll be more to come. Possibly in the Ramen or Sushi Train category? 

So, fellas. Do share with me where YOUR favourite hot spots are for Japanese food in Melbourne as I'd be really keen to try. I love going to places that people recommend. Hope you're all having a fantastic start to the week. Happy eating! =)

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