Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hi guys!

How are we all doing? If you follow me on Twitter, you would've heard me say this already, but I've just signed up to Live Below The Line...!!!

For all of you who don't know what it is, it's basically an event organised to raise awareness and funds for people all around the world who are currently living in extreme poverty. That means that there are 1.4 billion people living under the poverty line and have to pay for all their daily expenses (such as food, accommodation, health, transport, education, etc) with only US$1.25 or AU$2.00 per day.

So, the Challenge for participants is to live on $2 a day for food for 5 days, from 7th - 11th of May (i.e. Next Monday to Friday). It doesn't even come close to what they're going through each and every day, but hey, it's a start.

To be honest, I've been contemplating whether or not to participate for more than 3 weeks now, ever since my dear friend Leaf tweeted about the challenge. I can't tell you how conflicted I felt because I really, really wanted to take part! But after much deliberation, I decided that I wasn't going to do it because there's NO WAY I could feed myself for 3 meals a day for under $2, especially cause I eat a lot. But this thought never left my mind.

But just last week, my friend Jade told me that she was taking up the Challenge too and shared that you could get AMAZING deals at Aldi. I immediately went to Aldi that evening straight after class to suss it out for myself. I spent more than 40minutes there just to carefully plan to see if it was possible. And it was, it really, really was! I was so incredibly happy because that trip to Aldi really gave me hope! Thanks, Jade!!!

Anyway, both Leaf and Jade has really inspired me to take up this Challenge to do this for a good cause. Best part about it is that I won't be alone and am doing it with my fellow blogger friend, Bryan aka "Fatboo" (of Let's Get Fat Together), so exciting...! Bryan's created a team, called "Food Lovers Collective" and all of you are more than welcome to join!

So I do hope you will join us on this journey, and support us if you can. I honestly mean it when I say that any amount, big or small, is highly appreciated =).

And to make things more exciting... I will be keeping you guys posted on my progress throughout the challenge on my Facebook Page, so do check that out for photos and updates, it'll be fun!

To send me a donation, you can click on my profile: HERE

And if you're feeling generous, please support my friends Bryan and Jade too, because we're all doing this together! Hope you're all doing well on your end.

Thanks for everything!
Winston =)

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