Monday, May 28, 2012

"Are You Truly, Madly Tim Tam?" Ad Campaign

- "So... What are you going to miss most about Australia?"

This was the question that we asked our Irish friends when my coursemates and I caught up for dinner last night to celebrate the end of semester before prepping for Exams.

My friend, R, thought about it for a while before answering, "TIM TAMS!!!!"

Ohhh, the laughter that ensued.......

This was followed by a hilariously passionate yet "heated" discussion from the table about everyone's favourite Tim Tam flavours...

- "Dark Chocolate for the win!!"

- "No....! You've GOT to try their White Chocolate. It's so, so good."

- "What! What are you talking about? Who eats WHITE Chocolate Tim Tams...?!"

- "TRY IT!!!!"

- "Original, anyone...?"

- "Double Coat Tim Tams all the wayyyy... 2 for $5 at the 7-Eleven near Uni (lol)"

Oh man... One of the many, many funny moments from last night. What would I do without my uni friends?

Anyway, Tim Tams truly are iconic to Australia in every sense of the word.

That's why I'm SO ecstatic to be running Tim Tam's "Are You Truly, Madly Tim Tam?" Ad Campaign here on The Hungry Excavator for the whole month of June...!!

This is extremely exciting because you can run and feature your OWN personalised ad that will be featured online and on TV. All you need to do is submit your name to the Facebook Application and you're done! It was quite cool seeing my name written in an ad on Youtube.

Do check out and share the 30sec ad I'm talking about to all your friends: HERE

Boy, I REALLY wish that I could see that Tim Tam Tree (in the ad) in real life too! You Sydney folks are so lucky
Oh, and as for me, I switch between the Original Tim Tams (boring, I know) to the Tim Tam Crush with Mint Chips... YUM!!

(This post is a Rocketfuel sponsored post on behalf of Tim Tams Australia)
(Photos taken from the Tim Tam Facebook Page)

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