Sunday, August 2, 2009

Uni Week 1

3 in 1 Tenom White Coffee. Tenom is this little town slightly out of KK "city". Slightly sweeter than usual coffee but I love it. Hits home =)

Been meeting Mum in the city for lunch then dinner at home every day for the past week. Shared half a Summer Sunset with Mum @ Grill'd.

Made Wat Tan Hor one night. Mum really liked it. Chinese cooking wine made all the difference.

Catching up with coffee with the guys (and girl ;p) at Seven Seeds. Love the froth in the coffee here but didn't really like how my coffee was lukewarm.

Went straight to Mart Cafe right after that for brekkie. Ordered extra hot latte. Really good coffee too. One of my favourite cafes in Melbourne.

The specialty at Mart Cafe. Corn fritters. Bacon was done really nicely. Their homemade relish went so well with everything, mmm...

Was at Boxhill yesterday and went to their market to get Wagyu Beef. $99/kg but got 2 slices for $21. Cooking it tomorrow night, let's see how it turns out.

There are 3 restaurants that my relatives and I ALWAYS go to. Always have our family dinners at these restaurants. First is this really good claypot restaurant at Boxhill. This was one of their herbal soup. Mmmm...

My favourite dish from the restaurant, pork patty with salted fish. Very traditional Hakka dish. LOVE it.

What I enjoy most about eating claypot is the burnt rice on the sides. Another reason why I love this place is cause it is burnt just enough to enjoy the texture but not too much til it gets stuck to your teeth.

Anyway the other restaurant is Pacific House, Richmond. They serve the BEST roast duck, hands down. Actually the last one is this Malaysian restaurant with really awesome authentic curry, but that's all the way at Carnegie.

Deep fried Golden Scallops. Always order these 2 dishes every time we're there without fail. Pac Hse, Richmond was also the first place I ate at when I arrived in Melb.

Tried out the wild hibiscus syrup thingo from Sydney

Then fill it up with some bubbeleh bubbeleh. Adds some fruity sweetness to your champagne/sparkling wine. Girls will love it.

Mum really liked it. You can eat the flower too which is pretty cool.

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