Saturday, July 25, 2009

Suh-suh-suh... SUCCESS! =D

One of the best Chirashi Sushi I've had in Melbourne. Can get it at Ume Sushi, b/w Elizabeth and Queen on Lt Bourke St. They have students discount too =D

Got a new kick ass grill pan for $99. Since I'm always cooking steaks, chops, fish etc.

Made Avocado salad. Followed Phebe's recipe. Just salt, ground pepper, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Best lightly dressed.

Brought back really good salmon from this salmon farm from NZ to cook for mum. Had sashimi at the farm without wasabi, can really taste the sweetness. Nice.

Made Teriyaki Sauce earlier this week. So confusing cause had so many diff recipes. FINALLY after 2 attempts and approximately 2 hrs in total in the kitchen trying to perfect it, it turned out pretty good! YESSS!!! Thank God =) Also used the Jamie Oliver grill pan for first time, very nice. Worth the money.

Dinner with ALL my highschool buddies from kk @ Mercadante's, Lygons. Really glad that most ppl turned out tonight, esp the ones that I RARELY get to see! =)

19 ppl altogether. And about a handful from our circle who couldn't make it. Love these buggers to bits.

The girl in yellow is a really good friend of mine from highschool! She's here on exchange for a semester. Always great being able to catch up with old friends. Truly blessed. It was the people there tonight that made the dinner amazing.

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