Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hello, all.

I must say, that I am actually quite excited about creating this food blog. If you don't know this already about me, I LOVE FOOD.

I believe in the sanctity of food from God.
I believe that food makes everybody happier. And I especially believe in the communion of God's people over food.

Also, I've found that most of the most joyous times of my life happened over food. And I just realised this, but most of my display pictures on FB has food in them -_-". So, yes. It makes sense for me to create this blog. Also cause I've been such a pain in the ass to all my friends every time we eat so this would give me an excuse for me to keep doing that >).

Anyway, I just love how food brings people together. And that's why I'm always more generous on food than anything else.

So, this blog is only going to be a "side blog" to my main blog, which is: http://togethercalled.blogspot.com/. Just mainly going to be pictures of food I've encountered, or prepared (whether by myself or with friends), or meals I got to share with people I love. Yeah, not going to talk much here after this post, since it's just mainly going to be pictures and captions.

Finally, just wanna thank God again for His unconditional love and blessings for an undeserving wretched like me. Again, I pray that this blog and every aspect of my Life* may be used to glorify and lift His Name higher.

Much Love,
Winston =)


All the food I bought from my trip.


Nuts for Dad. Dad loves all kinds of nuts.

Good quality Balsamic Vinegar. We love our salad.

Good tartare sauce for Sis. She loves her fish.

Interesting flavoured XO sauce. 63% Salmon, not too bad.

Special Chilli with herbs that goes well with red meat. Bro loves his meat.

Sea salt with herbs and spices. Sis loves using good salt when she cooks.

Paton's Choc $5 each only. Bro loves Paton's. Us too.

Special kinda edible flower u put in champagne. Adds fruity flavour and looks great. Mum loves her alcohol :)

Caviar from Sydney Fish Market. Mum loves her Caviar.

And finally, the pancake mix from my favourite pancake parlour in Sydney, Pancake on the Rocks. They only started selling them this year! WIN.


Wooo... For some reason couldn't find Honey Mustard sauce in Aus. So excited when saw this.

Always liked Nutella. Something slightly different I guess.

Good organic wasabi from Japan. We like eating Sashimi at home.

Organic Almond Butter. Always liked Peanut Butter, decided to try something slightly different plus highly reccommended.

Organic Miso Paste. Sis and Mum love their Miso.

Barley Miso. Wanted to try something different again.

Went all nuts at the local supermarket by being as tourist as I could be by finding as many Kiwi flavoured food I could get. Kiwi chocolate.

Sugar coated Kiwi jelly sweets.

Kiwi candy. -_-"""

Got good syrup to go with the pancake mix. Can't wait.

All of it combined. I SERIOUSLY overspent, on food this holiday. Ughhh... Oh well, nothing I can do now but just eat :D

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