Sunday, August 9, 2009

Of good times and sweet memories

Wagyu beef from Boxhill. Marbelised meat and fats. Before...

... After

Mum's awesome soup with chicken feet, nuts, carrots and red dates. Mmm...

Mum's Bday dinner at this French restaurant, Vue de Monde. First time having French cuisine. That's their authentic duck liver dish, Foie Gras. AWESOME.

The famous snail dish, Escargot. LOVE IT. Nothing like what I imagined.

Another authentic French dish, Duck Confit, i.e. duck cooked for hours in its fats til it becomes braised. NICE NICE NICE.

Apparently French people like to cook with 7 kinds of fats. Chicken, beef, duck, etc. That golden brown potato was fried in duck fats. Sounds disghusting, but SO GOOOD. Rich flavour blended so well with the mild sweetness of the potato.

Specialty of the restaurant, a kind of pear tart. Was baked with 8 kinds of herbs and had to be baked upside down so that flavour could be infused much more nicely. Best pastry I ever had. Conclusion? French Cuisine is AMAZING!! Too bad it's not something I can afford to eat, ARGH!!

Went to Pac Hse again. Hehe...

Never gets old, I tell ya...

Housemate cooked this special dish for us. Baked chicken with sweetcorn and evaporated milk. His grandma used to cook it for him

Tau Fu Fa @ Gold Leaf, Docklands. Very smooth. Syrup had a hint of ginger and not too sweet. Just the way I like it.

Durian Egg Tart! YAYUH.

Specialty at Ling Nam, Chinatown, Shells in spicy XO sauce. Mmmm

One of the best chinese dishes I've had in Melbourne! Fried pork intestine with shrimp and pork meat. Courtesy of Ling Nam.

Tasted SOOOOO goood! Tastes much better than it looks!

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