Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello again

Pictures from the past month. Obviously there were supposed to be much more but I've already tried my best to carefully select the ones "worth" sharing. I hope your computer doesn't have too much trouble loading this page.

And as you can see, I haven't really had the chance to cook much the past month. In fact, I can hardly remember the last time I really had to cook my meals. Kitchen's getting rusty. Anyway, enjoy =)

Awesome food from Mum's one month visit not too long ago. Here we have, Mee Siam.

Mum brought over Kuching Laksa paste that she bought from KK. Lots and lots of "liao", i.e. ingredients.

Sardine fish that Mum bought from Vic Mark. Cheaper than other fish too. Fried til cruncy and very enjoyable to eat! Also, this dish once again backs up my theory that the smaller the fish, the sweeter (and more intense) the taste. Same goes for small crunchy prawns compared to big chunky ones.

Mum with her big heart whipped up a storm for my close friends in Melbourne. So much time and effort to preparing all those dishes and I love her so much for it!

Hands down my FAVOURITE brownie in Melbourne. Very thin and crunchy on the outside with little crisps of nuts on inside. Not too sweet and THICK as most brownies tend to be. I love it. You can get it at David Jones Foods Hall (basement level). Try it!

Went to Live Bait @ Docklands for dinner. Was great cause we had enough dockets to eat half price otherwise would've been soo EXXX. Really nice calamari salad. The dressing went really with the fried calamari and salad. LIGHTLY dressed but intense. Just the way I like my dressings!

Lamb cutlets. Prime example of how I like my medium rare red meat. Great job. Perfection.

Interesting dessert. Pavlova on outside...

... and a volcanic eruption of all the good stuff inside. Interesting.

Whoaaa this one I LIKE. Looks like nothing special, but best dessert in the house. This trio layer thingo was rich but not in a sickening way. Too bad I couldn't make out what the crust was made of. Best part of the dessert. Try it. Live Bait @ Docklands. Collect the "Split the Bill" dockets from Herald Sun to get 50% off at a whole list of restaurants in Melbourne!

Almost every time when my friend, Calvin, comes over to study. The three of us would whip quickly whip up a study snack to keep us going. I'll definitely miss these times when we graduate. Here, baked frozen lasagne and fries for three =)

For a friend's 21st, we went to Rockpool at Crown for dinner. They recently started serving Mishima beef. Which according to them, was the more original and authentic type of Wagyu beef. This small 200g of steak costed me $80. Was good but definitely not worth the money. Couldn't top the one we had at Nobu last year. Of course, pricewise also cannot top lah.

I ordered this the last time I went there and liked it so I decided to order it again to see if it is still good. Am glad that it still is =)

There was a Festival of Nations at Uni the other day. I love how Melbourne is such a melting pot of cultures. And I love it even more because one of the most evident way to experiene most of it is through all the food from around the world that you can find here.

Oh. Failed attempt to making Tiramisu cake for a friend's birthday tee-hee. Good experience though. I didn't get to taste it, but to me it looks like something you would serve as a punishment to people ;P

Holy cow! I was looking for an authentic Indonesian Restaurant so I asked my Indon friend to reccomend me a place to eat. And when we got to Meetbowl on Clarendon St, saw that they sold a bowl of DEEP FRIED CHICKEN SKIN for $3. Course I had to have it!!!

Fruit platter my housemate and I prepared for my sister's birthday BBQ. We cooked so much variety of food that night but was too busy til didn't get a chance to take pictures of all of them. Actually made REALLY good mushroom sauce that night, even I was surprised. Secret ingredient, half a glass of dry white wine. But no pik =(

For my sister's 21st, we ordered her favourite cake from her favourite cake shop. Because the one in the city didn'y have a key shaped mould, we had to order it from the suburbs.


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