Sunday, August 3, 2014

Two Little Pigs, Brunswick

The aftermath of a gorgeous cup of short black...

Pork Belly Waldorf Salad - $16.90
Roast pork belly, celery, royal gala, granny smith, walnuts, egg yolk mayo, preserved lemon


Confit Chicken Salad - $16.90
Pickled artichoke, persian feta, shallot, alfafa sprouts, red wine vinaigrette

Disappointingly difficult to finish, unforch...

Roasted Pork Belly Roll - $12.90
Crispy skin pork belly, coleslaw, tarragon mustard aioli

Charcuterie (small) - $18.90
Chef selection of cold sliced meats, house made pate, rilettes and terrine, pickled and marinated vegetables, bread and house made sauces and relish to accompany

Just such a great and complete selection... Simply fantastic

Hello, hello...

How's everybody doing? I must say that last week was one of the oddest weeks I've experienced. I was off crook half the week and mentally/physically wasn't feeling like myself at all. I came down with a pretty high fever one night, just hot and cold the entire night. Woke up at least 10 times just to get a drink of water because my body was burning up. Then out of nowhere, my body did a pretty intense purge for next few days as if it were reacting to some sort of a bug or infection. Could. Not. Function. 

I only ate a few bites of food each day and even that was quite forced, happy to have gone without. The rest of the time I just felt absolutely nauseous and any smell of food almost set me off. It was so weird... Then, I went to my company's annual dinner and the amount of delicious food around me that night was astounding. But, I only had a glass of water in my hand and a clean, empty, untouched plate most of the evening while everyone ate away happily. It was so odd to just sit around while everyone else ate. Then, we had Friday lunch the next day and everyone ordered yummy burgers while I sat out once again. It wasn't the fact that I wasn't joining in, but the idea of being completely turned off by something I love so much. Was not myself at all. BUT, thankfully, I have finally recovered and slowly finding the will to eat again... Hoorah

My friends and I came here for a relaxed, Sunday brunch not too long ago... It's nice to come to an area not as frequently visited on the weekend. It was a quiet street but this was packed. Thankfully, there was no line and we were shown to a table right away. 

It was a bit of a wet and chilly morning, so a nice, hot cup of espresso would do it for me. And do it for me, it did.  Okay that makes no sense. Anyhoo, it was delicious. We scanned the menu and everyone but me ordered something with pork belly whilst I decided to go against every instinct in my being and order the salad as I was trying to be healthy....... Right.

Whilst everyone was happily tucking into their crispy, crunchy roast pork belly... I was quite disappointed by my dish. I thought the dish was way too creamy and oily. Just felt overbearingly greasy. Sure, the chicken was cooked in oil but felt like there was way too much residual oil on my plate. Plus, it was incredibly salty for some reason (could've been the cheese or something else). I kind of wish they had added some crunch to the dish as well. Was hard to get past the oiliness and saltiness to try and finish this dish.

On the other hand, I had a taste of my friends' pork belly and it tasted great, gave me food envy. Crispy crackling with juicy meat, as it should be. No complaints from them, that's for sure. Finally, the charcuterie was just fantastic. It had a good variety of meats, olives, pickles, bread and homemade sauces. Absolutely delicious and fun to go round in circles trying the different things on the board as we continued to sit there comfortably and chatting away. So generous and good value for money too, can't believe that big platter was a small.

Overall, I like Two Little Pigs and think it's got something different to offer. It's a brunch place, but specialising in meats. A great place to come if you're looking for another pork belly dish to try (because we all know there's never enough of that) with good coffee too. Plus, you have to order their charcuterie board, definitely a specialty of the cafe. Enjoyed the food here (with the exception of my oily, salty salad) and would definitely recommend this place to others to try too.

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