Monday, November 19, 2012

Eat Drink Blog 2012 Conference -- Day 2

Here goes Part 2 of my uber belated coverage of the Eat Drink Blog conference! It's only a snapshot but I hope you enjoy =)

Started off with a huge array of yummy baked treats from Red Door Bakery

There really was sooo much food to choose from. I heart food choices! 

Oh and guess what, the peeps from Breville also had barristas there all day at the conference. This coffee was a lifesaver that early in the morning and tasted great too. Lucky us! =)

Then, we got to hear the world famous food writing coach, Dianne Jacob, share about Food Blogging/Writing, how much it's progressed over the years and some really great tips for all of us. 

Having her fly all the way from the States was a huge honour for us

Next, Peter (of Souvlaki for the Soul) gave a workshop on conducting Food Photography at home. An area that I've been meaning to work on a lot more for a while

This was followed by a Food Styling exercise, another skill (or patience) that I feel I lack so it was really good to watch the process come together!

The final outcome. Loved how they turned a plain, simple lemon tart look as elegant as this. BEAUTIFUL!

Next, we had lunch at the Central Food Market prepared by the vendors

Oh man this paella was a feast for the eyes and mouth. Such an abundance of fresh, local seafood. Flavours were perfect. We're so lucky =)

So much great food to choose from at lunch, but these ham by O'Connell's Meats were hands down the biggest highlight for me!! Super pink, moist and soft it was seriously delicious. 

I'm missing this so much already, darn it! Some really fine ham right there

As you can see, I looked like someone who's piling up their plate with food like there's no tomorrow. I apologise, I might've gotten a tad overexcited. There's just so much awesome choices there that day I wanted them all ;p

Liquid nitrogen and chocolate fountain... "Oooooh.... Aaaaahhh...."

After that awesome lunch, Geoff Kwitko gave a funny, engaging but really useful presentation on SEO, Google Ranking/Metrics. We all loved his presentation! What a joker. Really appreciated all the tips he gave

And before we knew it, it was time for afternoon tea already. Check out the treats! 

After that, we had an interesting session with Tammi Jonas and Simon Bryant on Ethical eating, a topic that I must be frank barely even crossed my mind until that day. They opened up a really fascinating conversation and it was great to hear everyone's views on it and how it's also taught me a lot about being aware of the subject

Finally, the day ended with a panel discussion with Sandra, Helen and Peter on Opportunities from Blogging

Let's just say I've got great respect for each of them and must thank them for paving the way for all of us in the community

Here I am with the rest of the Melbourne food bloggers (Ash, Daisy, Bryan, me, Amy)

Was really great to be with you guys at the conference. You guys rock! =))

And special mention to the seriously awesomeee Nic (of Dining with a Stud) and Theresa (of The Gook)!!!

Oh man, had the BEST time with these two at the conference and made the whole event so much more fun. Memories!
(P.s. Holla to my fellow badasses at the table at the back LOL!)

Another person I was especially happy to finally get to meet was Shez (of One Bite More). Such a beautiful person, both inside and out. 

The crew at the Barossa Valley tour the day before. Fun time was had. Though, I think my teeth was stained purple from all the wine! LOL

Photo creds to Natasha (of Playing House)

Daisy, Bryan, Ashley and I at dinner at the Hilton the night before
LOVE THIS PHOTO!!! And of course, the people in it too ;)

Photo creds to Simon (of Simon Food Favourites)

And before we knew it the whole conference had finally ended, all too quickly. It was a fantastic 2 days in Adelaide and there were so many highlights for me. The FOOD, the PLACES, the LEARNING and ohhh, the PEOPLE. What an unforgettable weekend it was. Much, much fun was had and you can bet your ass that I'm signing up for the next Eat Drink Blog Conference! =D

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