Thursday, November 8, 2012

Eat Drink Blog 2012 Conference -- Day 1 (in pictures)

The beautiful-ness, stunning-ness, pretty-ness and awesome-ness of South Australia... 

Just got back from the Eat Drink Blog 2012 Conference a few days ago and it was AWESOME!!! I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had from beginning till end. The food we ate showcased the best of what South Australia has to offer (from market vendors, to local bakeries, family businesses, regional restaurants and also hotel dining). And trust me, there was a LOT of good food involved... Not to mention the wine *hic*

Besides that, I learned SO much about many subjects related to Food Blogging (which I'll share in Part 2 of my EDB post) and also made so many new friends in the Food Blogging community. Hollaaaa to all you amazing peeps that I got a chance to hang out with over the weekend! You guys are way too fun for my own good ;p On top of that, the hospitality that each of us received from everyone at South Australia was nothing short of fantastic, seriously... Thank you

While talking to many of the delegates at the conference, we all thought that this conference was honestly very, very well organised. BIG thank you to the co-chairs: Christina, Amanda and their team of volunteers: Celeste, Erin, Alex, Kirsty and Natasha. Am sure it wasn't easy but we hope you know how much we appreciate everything you've done for us and the conference. You guys are the real stars! 

Of course, we must not forget to thank all the amazing people who sponsored the event. For a full list of the sponsors, click: here

Alrightey, here's a snapshot of all the fun from Day 1 of the conference... I didn't get to capture everything in as much as detail as I'd liked, but was just way too busy eating and talking... Whoops... Anyhoo, enjoy! =)

Day started with a tour of the Adelaide Central Market. Great to hear from some really passionate vendors at the market and sample some of their products.

I was telling people that I liked how most of them described their produce like they were talking about their own baby (lol)... You could tell how much they love what they do

DEELICIOUS homemade pasta sauce with polenta from Lucia's

Love that they have a mushroom shop in the market! Why don't we have something like that in Victoria Market? =O

Owner also let us try these black garlics! Very interesting... Sweet and chewy, tasted more like candy actually...

After that, some of us went on a trip to Barossa Valley and first thing we saw was this man and his pug. Not everyone dresses like that in Barossa, though I wish they did...

First stop was at Bibu Barossa, where we got to try so a nice variety of amazing cured meats by Barossa Fine Foods, which I LOVED. Favourite was definitely the tiny, round ones which they call "King Louis the XIV". Everything else on the plate tasted delightful too

And I think it was Mary who had her own special plate, that's different from everyone else's =D

We also had a sampled 12 different wines from Soul Growers and Diggers Bluff. Really amazing stuff!

Round 1...

Round 2, 3 and 4... 

I could drink glass after glass of that Grenache by Soul Growers, but I shan't... Divine! Isn't that right, Amanda?


Next, it was off to Hentley Farm for more food and wine.

Btw, how gorgeous was the weather in Adelaide? Right, right....?

That Chef Lachlan Colwill is a real legend. 

He served some really unforgettable food that day (including these mushroom floss things) and I really, really hope I get to come back to Hentley Farm and dine a full degustation at the restaurant one day... 

Was really quite blown away by the food he prepared and it was great hearing from him what he enjoys to cook/eat and his methods/inspirations behind his dishes...

Before we knew it, it was time to have the highly anticipated dinner at the Hilton Adelaide... 

Someone posted a sneak peek of this spit-roasted lamb on Twitter and you could imagine how excited people got on the bus on our way back haha

Also, shoutout to Ashley for being the most elegant hand model ever (lol)! Look at the way she held the glass. Classy, no...?

Pre-dinner entrees of lamb sliders (from the spit) with brioche buns... 

Foahhh... Want x 1000, please

For dinner, the Head Chef Dennis Leslie decided to go put together a scrumptious South American feast, which I LOVED. Food was SO amazing!! Especially the chicken, lamb and beef ribs. 

Huge fan of the grilled corn and Cuban ricetoo. Unfortunately, I was too damn busy eating and enjoying my meal to take photos of all of that... Bah!!

This "family style" of eating is definitely a good way to go. Very homey, passing big platters of food around the table.

Perfect weather to enjoy a rooftop dinner too...

Speech by SA's Minister of Tourism, Gail Gago...

The delicious grilled corn! 

Chef Dennis also graciously shared his recipe for these Grilled Corn with Roasted Garlic Aioli and Parmesan: here

The Chilli Con Carne... Only other food that I took a picture of that night (tskkk, Winston)... Flavours packed a punch and was really spicy too, which was great. Went so well with the Cuban Rice

Finally, do check out this really amazing video of the conference that Simon so selflessly put together

Again, Day 1 of the conference was seriously way too fun. The food was great, and so were the people. Also, SA was seriously the perfect place to host the conference. Do stay tuned for Day 2, which I'll be blogging about in a bit... Cheers!

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