Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The long awaited KK post (and quick rant)

Okay I know I haven't updated in a while. It's not that I don't want to, it's just I don't know how to. Went through piks since I've been back last night. After trying really hard to be very selective already, I ended up with exactly 100 pictures I want to upload.

ZOMG TTM (i.e. to the max). After trying again, I finally cut it down to 50. So, please bear with me. I promise I won't upload more than 30 (absolute maximum) at once in the future. So yeah, real sorry bout the delay and didn't mean to bombard all at once!

Also, people have been asking me why I started a food blog? They then go on to ask if it's so I can review and critic food and restaurants? I mean, people who's got the chops do that which is fine.

But let me make it clear right here and now by saying NOOOOOOOOO.

That is completely besides the point of doing this to begin with! Personally, I have nothing against people who do that. But nothing ticks me off more than people who are ridiculously PRETENTIOUS and OVERcritical when it comes to Food. As if it makes them feel elevated by pretending to "know a lot" about Food.

For instance, sometimes when a group of friends and I would go somewhere for food/drinks. Suppose one or two of them would be genuinely happy with what they've ordered and it's so nice to see people enjoy their meal. Then later, another smart ass would interrupt by telling the other two to their faces in great detail about why it actually sucks and how they've had better somewhere else.

Seriously... SERIOUSLY... Can you NOTTT?!?! It's times like these when I want nothing more than to shove a giant watermelon into their mouth. Just cause of your indecency and insensitivity you make it really awkward, people feel bad and yourself look like such an ASS.

I guess what really gets me set off is how rude they are to my other friends by saying these things and thus making them not able to enjoy their food as much anymore. What... A... Prick.

And then you have people who are completely stubborn when it comes to deciding where to eat. Hypotethically, when a group of people have agreed on a place to eat cause they all generally seem to like to eat there, can the person throwing the hissy fit about this-place-that-everyone-likes-not-being-as-good-as-this-other-place-that-noone-else-like-but-you NOT and just drop it?

Otherwise can you not pull that sour yoghurt face when every body decides to go ahead anyway and just grow up?

I don't know. A part of me is saddened by how a night out with friends can turn from being a great time having conversation and sharing laughter over good food to a night solely about "good food" based on your own petty judgement and just because we decide to eat somewhere else would turn the night into a complete flop for you especially if it's sort of a rare occasion since you're going out with friends that you seldom get to meet.

Seriously... Sometimes it's not just about "the food" okay. And don't let it be all about that alone. Well maybe that's certain people's definition of a good meal and good time. I guess it's fine if you're eating on your own, but it's really selfish if people just would not budge and make situations really uncomfortable for other people over something so petty don't ya think?
Is it just me or do you guys have friends who're like that also?

And to all these obnoxious people out there, have you guys ever considered that the reason people would like a certain food or restaurant is perhaps it provides great service and atmosphere for a good time or it's reminiscent for others who's had fond memories there before, despite being PERFECTLY AWARE that they probably don't have the "best food" in town and doesn't care that much anyway. ZZZZZZZ. Go suck on a lemon, will you.

*** WOWWWWW that was a whole lot of steam that I let out at once. Probably not the most "Life* giving" blog post out there but it had to be said. Anyway at the end of the day, I know I'm not perfect either and I'm LEARNING to love each person just as much. Just some thoughts that I've kept inside for a wee bit too long hehe. Hope you're all well and having a gastronomical experience wherever you are!

Also note that this is not a personal attack on anyone but just a quick rant to vent out my exasperation from numerous encounters in the past. Wrote this up when I had a bit of free time at the office yesterday afternoon hehe.

Warmest blessings,
Wince =)


**Note: From now on my KK/Malaysian posts shall be split into 3 categories:

(i) KK Food

Bird's nest soup as a welcome back drink on my first night made by Mum. Something she used to prepare for us during exam periods back in high school.

P.s. I never remember or pay attention to exact names of coffee shops but will try from now on. One of my favourite fish noodle shop @ Inanam

Oyster omelette

"Mun Ng" aka "Stewed fish" in Hakka. Really tasty dish

Dinner @ Ocean Seafood. This is called "Xiang Bi Luo" aka "Elephant Trunk Clams"

Staple for our family. Sabah veggie fried with dried shrimps and extra egg

Mum's homemade soup

"Shen Rou Mien" aka "Zhu Yuk Meen" in West Malaysia aka "Pork Noodles" @ Inanam

Favourite "Ngiu Chap" aka "Beef Combination Noodles". Tastes much better than Vietnamese Pho, specialty of KK. @ Jia Shiang Nyiu Zhak, Hilltop

Tuaran Mee, another KK specialty

More fish noodles but of different kinds. Lots of coffee shops sell the same thing but almost completely different at every shop. @ Lee Wong Kee, Hilltop

The fish lip, please don't freak out, it's awesome

Sweetened nuts for entree at Chinese restaurants pure win. @ Equatorial Restaurant, Tg Aru Plaza

BEST salad prawn in KK

The one and only way I would judge a good Chinese restaurant is by their fried rice. Yes, fried rice at restaurants. But it's through this simple dish that true skill is required and shown

Had seafood dinner at a friend's restaurant. This is called "Dong Fong Luo" aka "La La" for short. Like snails but not disghusting. Very typical authentic seafood dish here @ Shuang Tian Seafood Restaurant, Asia City

This is how it's done


We always order this dish every time we go back to her restaurant. Here we have Nestum Prawns

ONLY RM6.80/kg or AU$2.20/kg!!!!!!!! Cheapest we've ever eaten in our lives ZOMGZOMGZOMGGG.

Always ask for female crabs. That way you get to eat the really yummy crab eggs too. BEAUTIFUL

Had a craving for coffee shop Western food the other night. Chicken chop @ Lee Wong Kee, Hilltop

Erm... Baked apple crumble for potluck on NY Eve. Too busy rushing to feed people and didn't realise I haven't gotten a proper picture after it was baked. Was really successful and every one liked it given it was only my first time baking it PHEW! Looks like this but golden brown on top =/

Mum's contribution for the potluck, awesome chicken chops. Very popular that night indeed.

Korean BBQ for New Year's Day dinner @ Bintulu Restaurant, Lintas

Deep fried whole pork legs. SO YUMMY. Fried til ultra crispy and you can't taste the oily fats anymore

Bimbimbap wasn't too bad. Only wished the stone woulda been hotter so it could slightly burn the rice at the bottom. Oh wells tasted good tho

Different kind of Ngiu Chap. This one @ Kedai Kopi Ria, Damai

Went for a unique dinner experience, i.e. Congee/Porridge Steamboat @ Station 13, City Mall

Surprisingly good qualitiy and fresh ingredients were used. I think it's cause every single staff in the restaurants were the owners with their family members, better quality control. Always more successful when operated themselves

Actually used good fish. Forgot what it's called, gotta ask Mum again

Craved Jap dinner the next night, this one's @ Hana, City Mall. Good variety there

Salmon Skin Handroll

"Kaki Frai" aka Deep Fried Oysters

What I always eat at Jap restaurants here. Salmon head and a bowl of rice

Vanilla ice cream with mango syrup =]

(ii) KK Drinks

"MILO O KOSONG KAU KAU BING". I ALWAYS have my Milo like this. O = no condensed milk, Kosong = no sugar, Kau Kau = extra thick, Bing = with ice. Complicated person, I am

"Kit Chai Sui" aka Calamansi Drink

"Teh C" Bing aka Iced Milk Tea. Different from bubble tea though. These three are my all-time favourite drinks at KK

Made fruit punch for NYE too. BIG HIT that night, so simple and delicious, highly recommended. It's called Luscious Slush Punch

(iii) KK Fruits

"Tuku". Like "Langsat" but bigger, juicier, sweeter and smaller seed. You have no idea how much I LOVE local fruits

Coconut from our own tree in our own tree in the garden. Don't mean to sound biased, but one of the sweetest I've ever tasted. We also ate the flesh just in time. Not too ripe til they've hardened but just soft enough you can still taste the sweetness. YUMMM.


Unknown said...

mann i love bird's nest soup too even IF its made from spit!!! <333

i eat it like once every monthish and used to bought from website sometimes, my mom went back to hong kong and bought a full suitcase of it cause its cheaper there XD

Winston said...

I'm glad to hear that you love it too. If you are from Malaysia, I recommend the local suppliers from rural Sabah and Sarawaks too. It's just annoying how a lot of birds nest these days aren't as authentic as they used to be. Thanks for your comment anyway! =)

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