Monday, March 11, 2013

Omah's Nyonya Cuisine, Hawthorn

Pandan Leaves Crab - $45.90
Whole mud crab fried in fresh pandan leaves, lemongrass and tamarind in light curry paste sauce

Salted Egg Crab - $45.90
Wok fried in Straits Peranakan salted egg style. The creamy salted egg yolks combined with various condiments give this dish a savoury, yet subtle flight of flavours

School Prawns - $9.50
Served with our chilli infused mayo and shrimp paste dipping sauce

Crispy fried kangkong - $6.00
Served with Omah's coconut dipping sauce

Ginger Flower Duck - $22.90
Half a deboned duck pan fried to serve with a piquant sauce of chilli, Bunga Kantan (ginger flower) and a dash of lemon juice

Shiitake Mushrooms & Tofu - $17.90
Tender shiitake mushrooms served on a bed of silken tofu ringed with broccoli

Ikan Bakar - $24.90
Fish of the day (white barramundi) grilled with mild chilli paste, onion and okra on banana leaf

Birthday cake for our friend Yannick! =D

Came to Omah's one night after hearing so much about their famous crabs... Must say that I loved the ambience as soon as I walked in. Clean, modern, with a touch of attitude and the superposition of soft lightings throughout the restaurant made it nicely well lit overall.

Excitement filled the table as soon as they put down the 2 massive crab dishes in front of us to kickstart the night. Very unfortunately, this was where the food went completely downhill after that. Upon taking our first bite of the crab, yeah, must say it was utterly DELICIOUS. Fragrant and great flavours. But man, was it hollow or what! There was barely any meat on the thing. 2 crabs between the 7 of us (and that was already $90 right there)...  What's there to eat?

And everything else was just.... Weird. Like, very, very off. School prawns were alright but the ones at the bottom were soggy from the steam. Fried kangkong was chewy, doughy and the sauce that came with it was watery and sour... Weird. Combination of soy sauce for the duck and the sambal (Malaysian chilli paste) was just... Weird as well. The tofu skin was so thick that it was rather hard to eat. And finally, "best worst highlight" definitely goes to the Ikan Bakar, which is meant to be grilled fish with chilli paste in banana leaves. Gosh, the sambal didn't taste like sambal at all. In fact, more like Miso to me than anything else. Soooo weeeeeird... Wonder what went wrong there.

And look, I know it's a slight variation to the classic Malaysian cuisine because it's Nyonya but I've had Nyonya several times in Melaka/Singapore and this one here was NOT the same. And I don't even mind at all when people have their own take on cuisines but the flavours really just... OFF. I wish I could say I'd come back for the crabs anyway since I loved the flavours but after some thought... Think I'll pass. $45.90 PER CRAB that was meatless and hollow was not enough to get me back no matter how good your flavours are.

As hard as it may be for some of you to believe, "bad food" really does not equal bad meal in my books. Not at all. This bunch of friends are always great company and to be honest, we were more interested in the conversations than anything else. This blog post really is just shedding light on a very small aspect of our evening. It was my buddy Yannick's birthday that night, we were sitting for hours just chatting/laughing after our last course, went for Maccas down the road right after that (cause we wanted to try the Lamb Burger LOL) and got home pretty late too. Overall, fun night of just hanging out. Food wise? This place is not for me. Don't be hatin' cause it's just one person's opinion........

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