Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cake Flour Substitute

Cake Flour.

An ingredient very, very commonly used in baking recipes from the US and many Asian regions (and I guess other parts of the world, too). AMAZING ingredient to have in your pantry as it yields very soft and light sponge cakes with very delicate crumbs. Mainly due to its lower protein levels compared to the other wheat flours.

For the longest time, I've been stressing out about how come I can never find this ingredient in Australia! Fortunately, I came across a substitute from this baking forum and decided to give it a go with this Carrot Cupcake Recipe.

Let me just say, it worked SO well. Absolutely perfect!! The cake turned out so beautifully and I can now proclaim that: This cake flour substitute is true, tested and works a 100%!


Cake Flour Substitute

Simply substitute cake flour ingredient with 1 part corn flour + 3 parts plain flour.

For example: If recipe calls for 240g cake flour, combine 60g corn flour with 180g plain flour.

Works like a charm. Hope this helps. Happy baking, all!! =)

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