Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yours Sincerely...

So just a few hours ago, Leaf (The Indolent Cook), a dear friend from the Food Blogging community that I've been fortunate enough to know, was just hosting a giveaway competition on her blog.

It was for this book called, "Will Write for Food" by Dianne Jacob. To participate in the lucky draw, I basically had to answer the following questions and I thought I'd just share with you my entry:


My passion is to reach out to people everywhere through Food Blogging with my writing and photos. I would like to appeal to the average person, from an average person's point of view. Though I don't have any professional knowledge and experience on Food, but I believe this is what makes my point of views more personal and easy-to-relate.

I prefer to adopt a more honest, light-hearted and friendly approach in my form of writing. As far as I'm concerned, Food is always meant to be Fun and never to be taken too seriously.

At the end of the day, I truly I hope I can show people that Food really is more meaningful when it is shared and that they, too, will feel inspired to open up spaces to share Life* with other people over Food, whether at home or at a restaurant. It is for this reason that Food Blogging, to me, is more than just a hobby, but a passion.


I have begun food blogging again about a month ago and I believe that's a start. I have been dedicating time out of my week to share recipes and reviews and can only hope that people find it just as Fun to read as it was for me to write.

At the same time, I feel very strongly about showing the same support and encouragements that I have been so blessed to receive during my short time of blogging to as many people out there, both in and out of the food blogging community. These people have truly made this whole experience so enjoyable for me and has reaffirmed me of the reasons I do the things that I do on my blog.

My plan is to keep blogging for a very, very long time. Why stop now, right? It's been great so far and I'm sure it'll only keep getting better. It is a journey and I hope to find growth in my writing and pictures continuously over time.

I guess what completely caught me by surprise was how convicted I felt about every single word that I wrote. I totally didn't expect it as I thought I was just writing words that came to mind, only to realise that they were words that came from the heart. To be honest, I'm still a bit shaking from that.

I know I've been very "interested" in Food Blogging for a very long time, but I wasn't exactly sure why. Sometimes you never know how you really feel about something until you actually write them out, don't you? One of those times when I'm reminded by how powerful journaling or blogging can be.

Anyway, I don't mean to sound overly lame, but I somehow feel really blessed by this competition because it's helped me put into words and realise what I have been truly passionate about all this time.

Finally, all I want to say is that I feel really thankful I am to all of you who has allowed me to share my Food Journey with you on this space. Whether you're a blogger, reader or just anyone with a hungry stomach who keep coming back, you've certainly made this dream come true for me! And maybe, just maybe, I can be so lucky as to sit down and share a meal with each of you one day. Just give me a holla and I'm there.

Thanks again for everything!

Much Love,


Winnie said...

Keep it up! Feed all the hungry stomachs :)

Winston said...

Thanks so much, Winnie!! It's a journey, I must say so I really appreciate ppl like you who's been a part of it with me =)

leaf (the indolent cook) said...

Awww! Winston, it's wonderful that my simple question has brought out such a heartfelt answer from you. And you know what, I'm feeling blessed by this competition too... so many like-minded people sharing their beautiful hopes and dreams with me. I wish I had more books to give away!

Winston said...

I know what you mean, Leaf! All the comments/entries on your blog has really been so amazing and inspiring to read! Even though I've never met any of these ppl before, but I felt like I shared a connection with them already. You've picked a very, very good question to ask. Congrats again on your first giveaway! Am sure it won't be your last ;)

Sarah said...

Glad you are here to stay! I've really enjoyed reading your blog!

Hannah said...

Hear hear! The food blogging community is a wonderful thing, and some of my dearest friends right now have been met/made through blogging. I look forward to following along as you work towards your dream!

Winston said...

@sarah: Haha thanks, Sarah! I've always been so drawn to keep revisiting your site too! Ain't this fun haha!

@Hannah: DITTO! Totally feelin the vibe despite being new to the community. Glad to have you as a new friend! And I like how I don't have to "work" towards my dream. Because for all of us, it's just about 1) Being yourself 2) Having fun. "Best job" ever! =D

Anonymous said...

Winston, keep up the good job. You are an inspiration to many of the new cooks and I am one of your many faithful followers of your culinary journey.

Winston said...

Wow thanks so much, Ellie! That really means a lot... I'm just happy to have a space to extend my invitation to ppl that I wouldn't have been able to reach without the Internet, and then have them embrace it in return. Calling it a blessing is an understatement.

Thank you for always being so encouraging. I still remember the first comment you left on my blog during Christmas last year haha. Your blog is inspiring too and I have the utmost respect for you and your work!

Adrian (Food Rehab) said...

Here here! Great write up, I was in a similar position a few years back before I started blogging- in that I was following a heap of rockin bloggers and just felt compelled to start one of my own. Haven't looked back!

Keep up the good work here- love your blog!

Winston said...

Adrian! How are you??? Haven't heard from you in a while...

People like you who's gone so far ahead in this journey and are more experienced than me really inspire me, seriously! Thanks for sharing your story too! Just enjoy reading ppl's first blog entries or "about us" page for some reason =)

Thanks for always dropping by. Hope we get to catch up for a meal/coffee some day. Have a good one!! =)

Vee said...

Tsk tsk, Winston, so mushy about blogging. Your readers should be very touched you feel so strongly about it! ;)

Winston said...

I know, right?!?! Tell me about it.. Ugh...... But just glad my little "episode" didn't turn too many ppl away or anything hehe... Can't wait to post up a "normal" post again tmr lol!

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