Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vision behind "The Hungry Excavator" FB Page

Hey all,

After several days of deliberation, I have finally decided to launch a Facebook Page for this blog, "The Hungry Excavator" (HURRAHHHHHHH...) And let me tell you, it was a constant back and forth and a lot of time went into thinking whether it was a good idea or not.

After talking to my awesome friends, Greg and Juls, I finally decided to let go of whatever doubts or uneasiness I had with the idea and went for it! It's been Day 1 so far and I must say, I really do feel very good and happy about it. Wouldn't have done it without these guys =)

Basically my vision for this Facebook page is not really to just post links or update reminders when I have a new blog post. Actually, it's more about opening up a space, a forum, if you will, for people everywhere to come talk and share their experiences or anything at all about food.

My dream is that one day, people will use that page to share things like:
a photo of their lunch
a recent recipe that they've tried
a favourite place to eat
a meal they had with their family
a link to a site that made them drool...... ANYTHING!

Also, it's really important that I make sure that everyone knows it's a safe, comfortable and harmless people to express what they want. I want to give people in there the freedom to express their happiness and also show them the same encouragement and support I've been so blessed to receive by many others in this Food Blogging Community (see Blogroll to the right).

At the end of the day, this Facebook page is not about me or the numbers, but about sharing Life* with other people through Food.

So why don't you join me, and "Like" the page: here to get this chatty/hungry/happy community going. I can't wait for all the good stuff to come out of this space. Thanks for everything! =)

Much Love,

Will have a proper link put up at the side of the blog soon. Also, I've changed the comment setting so that anyone and everyone can now leave a comment on this blog without any fuss. Enjoy! =)



Anonymous said...

Congrats to your new FB page. 'LIKE'

Winston said...

Hey Ellie, thanks so much for always being so encouraging! Means a lot... Have a great weekend yeh! Can't wait to be in Sydney on Monday HAHA =D

The InTolerant Chef ™ said...

I hope it goes well for you, I haven't really ventured into facebook yet except for my name being there linked to my blog. Good luck!

Winston said...

Thanks a lot! It's been fun so far. Though we're a small group right now, but I really appreciate every single person who's intentionally liked the page. Hope all is well on your end too! =]

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