Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Boathouse Restaurant, Maribyrnong

Personally, I don't like the word "reviews". It always gives me the impression of someone who is so far superior in knowledge of flavour/taste to give a precise and detailed critique on food. I am no where near that. And I know that most of the time it's not the case, but it still gives me the impression. (No offence intended to anyone).

However, dining out each time is such an experience to me. There's so much I wanna say because Food excites me so. So I guess this is just something I'll have to get used to, eventually.

And I always tell my friends I'm not a pro. I can't tell you how a dish SHOULD taste, but I can only happily share what I personally like (and don't like) about it.

And another thing that makes me hesitant about this kinda stuff is because I don't like to be held accountable to people. My opinions are really based on my dining experience at that specific point in time. We all know that not all restaurants are always consistent.

Heck, too many times have I gone back to a restaurant only to find that it's not the same anymore. Hence, good for me not necessarily good for me (again) and also you. You just have to believe how I felt at the time and try it for yourself.

Anyway, back to the Food. I've got this friend that I consider my foodie buddy. He used to be my housemate and one thing we loved doing was to think of which restaurants we'd try next. At the end of it, we always have a list that's too long for our own good and get ourselves really hungry. Aih...

And The Boathouse Restaurant in Maribyrnong by Masterchef Judge, Gary Mehigan, has always been one of them. We had a couple of errands to run in the West so we couldn't pass up this chance to try out this place. A perfect way to spend a pleasant Saturday morning with friends.

Ambience was very warm and inviting. I loved that there were lots of windows and natural light. Just feels more open and relaxed.

Soy Piccolo Latte

Everyone knows that Soy Pics are always my coffee of choice. However, I was quite disappointed by mine here. As if the glass wasn't small enough already, it was the first time I had been served a coffee that's not filled to the brim, which made it slightly bitter. Also, the froth was not smooth. The bubbles were too big and made it very thick to drink.

BUT, I was still happy because I got to spend that wonderful morning somewhere new with my dear friends (who always let me pick and take a picture on their food, hehe...) On to the food...

Ann's "The Lot" Breakfast

Sausage was good.

Kel's Roasted Field Mushrooms, Spinach, Poached Egg and Hollandaise

Hollandaise was delicious.

Ian's Avocado Toast with Smoked Salmon, Wild Rocket and Feta


By golly were they perfectly cooked and delicious or what. Lots of microbubbles on this thing. Well done.

I had the "Breakfast Pizza" with crispy bacon, mushrooms and poached eggs

SO GOOD. The toppings were fairly straight-forward, but what made this pizza OUTSTANDING was the dough and how it was baked. It was my favourite kind of pizza to eat. The base was crispy, yet firm.

A lot of times I don't like woodfired pizzas because they tend to be stretched too thin that sauce started to seep through. Which makes them soggy and not crunchy. What's worse are woodfired pizzas that are so sloppy that toppings fall off when you hold them vertically. Thankfully, this was neither and the pizza was thick enough and baked till it was stiff and had a delicious crunch at the base. LOVED it.

Another thing I loved about the pizza was the little air pockets that you get at the crust. I LOVE THIS in pizzas! Just gives this extra texture and crunch from it which I always enjoy. Also, what's great about this was the slight char you find at certain parts of the crust. I love char, anywhere, anytime, so this was good for me.

Final thing that I noticed about the pizza was that it wasn't as sandy compared to other woodfired pizzas. In fact, you could feel a bit of oil when you touch the dough. Not sure how they did it but I'm sure it helped make the pizza extra crunchy when baked.

Overall, I really enjoyed the brekkie experience here. Although I'm aware that reviews here have not been the best. I'm just trying to be honest about my experience there, then, and this was based on brekkie only. They have a separate menu for lunch and dinner.

But to be very frank, I really wished they hadn't given me the two runny poached eggs (which had yolks that were surprisingly yellow, btw), because they made me feel really bloated by the end of it. Without it I'm sure I would have enjoyed myself a lot more.

Regardless, I had a great time and I can't wait to go on more food adventures with my amazing friends in Melbourne. Cause food can be good, but it's the company that makes a meal GREAT.

- Winston OUT! =)

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Michelle Chin said...

My only dining partner is my sister. because her schedule is the same like mine. :D

how come i haven't heard of this place?!

Winston said...

Haha that's nice. Sounds like a great way for you sisters to bond each time, i.e. over FOOD =D

Hmmm I'm not sure. Quite a few friends stay in the West so I heard abt it from them and they go there fairly often cause they like the atmosphere. Gary's other restaurant Fenix, is just where Ikea in Richmond is. Though his restaurants seem to be catering for the masses cz venues are HUGE unlike George's restaurants in Melb lol

KY said...

salmon's making me drool!

Winston said...

Haha.. Happens to me too! For me, surfing food blogs late at night or during lectures is a veery dangerous game. Too hungry to do anything after that! ;p

msihua said...

Hmmm.. Not quite sure about this place, I've heard quite a few mixed reviews. Oh well.. anything that helps feed the hungry tummy works I guess :)

Winston said...

yeah i know what you mean... look at the urbanspoon ratings LOL... one of those places that had REALLY mixed reviews, even amongst my friends... so i rly wanted to jz block everything out and jz experience it for myself...

the selection was rather ordinary and limited, nth exciting... but it wasnt bad... so i thk the pizza was the only item in the brekkie menu worth trying hehe... =)

Anonymous said...

This looks like a gorgeous place. Love the selections of food.

Winston said...

yes, the venue was lovely! it's such a "weekend/family" place. playground and tables jz outside, footie field jz opposite, situated just by the river... we really did feel so relaxed being there and just away from the city. great way to spend a sat morning...

will definitely go back there to have some beer or drinks at the patio in the evening sometime when the weather gets warmer =)

PFx said...

Hey Winston, Thanks for poppin by my blog the other. I'm a bit slow on read and reply atm, I'm on my 3 month culinary/work journey around Asia atm.
Anyways, I love how you've got a down to earth take on your photo taking and critic.
You describe them like you see it on one side, but an important side.
As per your pictures, I like how utterly raw it is. Not too food-pornographic, but not too lost-the-plot; it's a little scary to have a restaurant and you as a photo-critic, cos of so.

Winston said...

hey bud, youre traveling around asia for 3 months? that sounds AMAZEBALLS... and wow.. uhh, that's a REALLY honest take on my honesty lol... appreciate it anyway. glad to be in this food blogging community with ppl like you. just holla if you happen to be in melbourne one day lol. enjoy ur trip, dude. peace!

RMIT Newintstudents said...

they look really small for the price you are paying. did you enjoy your breakfast there? i know when i went it was really bad
xo: newintstudents blog

Winston said...

hi katy. i thoroughly enjoyed the dish i ordered, which was the pizza. the stuff my friends ordered for breakfast wasn't bad. ive heard both good and bad things abt this place but i guess i was quite fortunate during my visit there. price wise, ive seen worse. but not sure what its like for their lunch/dinner menu tho! good luck with everything at rmit! =)

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