Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Semester 1, 2011


I've been really horrible with updates the past few months and I really do regret it. Workload for a final year Engineering student has been nothing but unforgiving and I do apologise. I do have lots of plans for this blog in the coming semester so if you have faith in me enough, please stay tuned and I promise you won't be disappointed.

This site has been receiving lots of traffic (which I am quite honestly quite surprised to find hehe) the past few months so I just wanna say thanks to all the people who keep stopping by and do feel free to leave a comment whenever you like! This is a friendly blog created to provide a free space for people to share and express!

Anyway, lots of food from my life in Melbourne during the past semester. Some I won't even bother going into because there's just too many but hopefully the pictures do the talking for themselves.

Cheers, everybody. Hope you're all doing mighty fine wherever you are in the world.

Winston =)


1. Ying Thai 2, Lygon Street

Beef Pad Thai

Tom Yam Goong

Steamed Barramundi with Garlic and Lemon

Thai Red Duck Curry

Not as good as the one I had in Emerald Elephant, Port Melbourne

Pud Gra Pow

2. Woo Ga Koran BBQ, Victoria Street

IMHO the BEST Korean BBQ in Melbourne. Mark my words. Good. Quality. And REASONABLE price. They also have the BEST KIMCHI in town. Try it for yourself

Ox Tongue

Spring Onion Pancake

Beef Ribs

Stewed Pork Belly

3. Hardware Societe, Hardware Lane

Mushroom Toast and Eggs (forgot the exact name)


Croque Monsieur

LOOVE brioches

Baked Eggs with Chorizo

Purrty and just fair. Not WOW

4. Cafe Vue, St Kilda Road

Braised Wagyu Rump

I am VERY particular with my braised meat. Besides having good flavour, the only way I like it is if the meat has fats or tendon when braised. Otherwise it's just strands of tasteless meat to me, wagyu or not. This has neither


5. St Ali, South Melbourne

For some reason all the food that we had that day were rather cold and tasteless. There wasn't enough seasoning and a lot of the meat was dry. I didn't like the combination of flavours in the breakfast dishes. Most items on the plate didn't complement each other well.

Just sayin'. Our experience was highly MEH. I think the Soy Piccolo Latte I normally have at 7 Seeds was much better than the one I had at St Ali too. Again, just sayin'

6. Straits Cafe, Doncaster

Oyster Omelette


Sar Hor Fun

Hokkien Char Mee

Penang Char Kueh Teow

Likes: Fried garlic flavour, lap cheong
Dislike: Not enough dark soy or caramel sauce

7. Bluestone Restaurant, Flinders Lane

Cheese, Prosciutto and Tomato Terrine


Steak Tartare


Pan Seared Scallops with Herb Crust

Special of the Day: Braised Rump on a Bed of Mash

Flavours: Good
Meat: BAD

Char-grilled Eye Fillet

Pan Seared Duck with Duck Confit Spring rolls

Duck: Not as good as the one I had in Vue De Monde
Spring Rolls: EXCELLENT

Pork Rack

8. Ocean King, Glen Waverley

Three Egg Spinach in Superior Stock

Signature Tofu in Prawn Paste

Golden Fried Chicken Ribs

Cantonese Style Steamed Barramundi

9. Izakaya Den, Lt Collins Street

Wagyu Tataki


Crumbed Prawns

EXTREMELY BAD. Horrible, horrible prawns

Sweet Corn Kakiage


Chicken Karaage


10. Gami Chicken, Lt Lonsdale Street

This place has become an all-time-favourite place to go for supper, snack and drinks and even takeaway dinner. We all got SO crazy and addicted over the Korean Fried Chicken AKA KFC and Beer this Sem. MMMM... Highly recommended

Korean Fried Chicken

Complimentary Salad

11. Stonegrill, Lt Bourke Street

Assorted Sushi

Scallops were bad

A whole line of Wagyu Steaks MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

LOVED the piece of Wagyu Steak I had here mmmm... If only I could show you all the condiments it came with. So many exciting flavours to sear the meat with made eating the entire steak so fun and exciting. LOVE IT

12. Cecconi's, Flinders Lane

Fried Calamari

Beef Sausages



13. Longrain, Lt Bourke Street

Caramelised Pork Hock

SO GOOD. Crispy meat and fats that MELTS in your mouth

Slow Cooked Angus Short Rib

No good

Green Papaya Salad

SO GOOD and spicy

Steamed Wild Barramundi


Mussaman Curry Beef


Spicy Lamb


Braised Duck Red Curry

GOOD, spicy

Dessert Platter


The Cosmoplitan Cake from Le Petit Gateau

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese and Raspberry Coulis

They do the carrot cake so well here. Soft and moist, beautiful


ABC Soup with Fish Maw (by Julian Tay)

Lamb Stew

Best Bolognese Pasta

Recipe source: The Pioneer Woman

Deep Fried Chicken Wings

Used the deep fryer I got for my birthday for the first time. Lovely

Steamed Chinese Cabbage with Ham

Steamed Fish with Seaweed

Honey BBQ Wings (by Kelvin Tay)

Apple Crumble

Edited my previous recipe, will repost

Mushroom and Onion Quiche

Recipe source: The Little Teochew

Steamboat Party

Taro Cake from Maxim's. YUM

Calvin Yong's Birthday Dinner

Arancini from Costco

Soy Sauce Pork Cubes, Omelette and Lettuce

Recipe source: Hunger Hunger

Impromptu Dinner Party on Sunday Night

XO Fried Rice

BEST Lasagna

Recipe source: The Pioneer Woman

Radish with Black Peppercorn Soup (by Kelvin Tay)

Char "leftover lasagna sheets" instead of koay teow lol

Steak with Mushroom Sauce

Steamed Black Bean Pork Ribs

Recipe source: Hunger Hunger

Stunning Potato Salad (by Julian Tay)

Eggplant with Mince

Penang Har Mee

French Toast

XO Fried Vermicilli

Singapore Chilli Prawns (by Winnie Kam)

Bak Kut Teh (by Sarah Ann Tay)

BEST Potatoes au Gratin

Recipe source: The Pioneer Woman

Stuffed Mushrooms (by Michelle Lim)

Mango Pudding (by Lau Zhi Chong)

Harry Potter Party/Potluck ;p

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