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Singapore Trip 2011

5 weeks in Singapore, a land where good food is vast and at every corner has finally led to this ultra long post. Oh, and it's SO much cheaper than Australia too!

Because there's a crazy amount of food (all of which were eaten SO long ago), I'm trying really hard to remember their name, taste as well as where I ate each and every one of them.

I apologise for abusing your data usage like this, but trust me it's worth it. Enjoy!

P.s. click to see my previous post on Singapore when I was there in 2010: here

Winston =)

1. Paradise Dynasty, Ion Shopping Mall, Orchard Road

Signature 8 flavours Xiao Long Bao: Black Truffle, Foie Gras, Crab Roe, Cheese, Ginseng, Garlic, Szechuan, Normal

Skeptical at first, but I was wrong. Surprisingly good and natural flavours!

Beef Brisket La Mian: Could've sworn it tasted just like factory manufactured "mian xian".

Was so soft, tender and was surprised that this was actually made by hand. I much prefer these ones compared to the normal thick (and sometimes overly chewy) ones. Phenomenal.

2. Soup Restaurant, United Square

Signature Tofu: Served similarly at most places. Good.

Boiled Chicken with Signature Garlic, Spring Onion Sauce: Fair. Been too spoiled with good quality corn-fed "kampung" or "village" chickens that the ones I eat outside can never compare

Singapore Chilli Prawns: Too saucy but otherwise, not bad

3. Nyonya and Baba Peranakan Cuisine, Vivocity

Picked Vegetables, Crackers and Nyonya Sambal: GREAT

Beef Rendang: Too dry. Kampung Malay Rendangs are still my favourite by far

Crispy Chilli Prawns: SO good

Fried Lo Bak: Forgettable, think it was okay.

4. Daniel Boulud Celebrity Chef Restaurant, Marina Bay Sands

Really looked forward to this meal. Daniel Boulud, a chef I rather admire since watching him cook on the Asian Food Channel on Astro last year. He specialises in French-American fusion food.

Cost of main was about SG$35 - 40 only, not bad if you ask me!

Sourdough and French Baguette: Disappointing. I can never get freshly baked bread baskets anywhere

Dish of the Day: This dish was SO long and complicated that I forgot 80% of the dish. Basically rabbit meat with lotsa little stuff found in the dish.

Tasted EXCELLENT but I wished I remembered what it was (was more than a month ago). So many layers of flavours, nice to explore new components here and there.

Original DB Burger: Patty made with beef, braised ribs and foie gras with Parmesan bun. Patty was seriously dry, but you could taste the flavours. But the bun... Heavenly

Foie Gras Terrine: Cute presentation, not too strong and mushy just the way I like it

Brioche: Looooooove brioches

(Complimentary) Lemon Madeleines: Always found this French dessert a bit too ordinary but they were so nice to give this to us on the house cause we contemplated this earlier and they had just made a fresh batch

Lemon Floating Island: Interesting, foamy, light. Liked the apple confit but didn't think the almond cream went well with the fruitiness of lemon and apple

5. McDonald's at National University of Singapore (NUS)

I'm sorry, at the end of the day, I'm still a student who loves fast food to the core. It was hilarious, so much cheap and good food at the many NUS canteens but we still ended up eating Maccas 5 days in a row in our first week of uni LOL

McWings: MMMM

McSpicy Burger: Yummo!! Love that the patty was made with thigh (dark) meat

Double Fortune Fillet Meal with McNuggets and Curry Sauce: Liked the sauce on the burger

Samurai Burger: LOOOOOVE this! Even more than the Prosperity Burger in Malaysia. Basically teriyaki beef with mayonnaise, omg yum

Iced Milo: Hehe

Cinammon Bites: Nice at first, too sweet towards the end

6. Seafood Restaurant (?), Holland Village

Really forgot the real name of the restaurant, named after some Chinese dude but it was the closest one to Buona Vista Station

Singapore Chilli Crab: TOO much sauce and was way too spicy, couldn't taste the crab

Black Pepper Crab: Only order this dish when I'm in Singapore. Love it cause crab was fried first before tossed in sauce, so still retained the springy flesh

7. Food Republic 313, Bedok

Mee Pok: BEST one I've tasted, had fantastic fresh ingredients. Prawns still chewy and sweet. Dish also had lots of pork lard which I love

8. Random Stall, People Park Centre

Otak-Otak Bun: LOVE it. Still moist and lots of chunky fish and prawns. JUST the way I like it. Delicious with the freshly steamed bun too

9. Random stall, Smith Street, Chinatown

Durian Ais Kacang: This stuff was goood. Generous with durian and not too much rose syrup (which I can't stand). Just the way I like it

10. Yong Tau Fu Stall, Arts Canteen, NUS

Yong Tau Fu: Delicious! Soup was slightly salty even though laksa based but still liked it. LOVED the ingredients too. All for only SG$2.60. You have got to be kidding me

11. River South Prawn Noodles, near Potong Pasir Station

Jumbo Prawns with Pig's Tail Noodles: DELICIOUS! When I smelt the rich prawn stock from far, I knew it was gonna be good. I was right

12. Broadway Food Centre, Potong Pasir

BBQ Chicken Wings: Something I love to order everywhere I go in SG

Garlic Kai Lan: Okay

Teochew Steamed Fish: Good, light and slightly sour from tomato and preserved veg. Like it

Cereal Prawns: A dish I love. Always taste great and you don't need the freshest of prawns cause it's fried

13. Random supper at home in Seranggoon

Maggie Mee (Curry) with Sausage and Egg: It's so bad for you but I don't know why I like it so much. Maybe cause it reminds of my childhood =)

14. Chomp Chomp Food Centre, Seranggoon Gardens

Jumbo Sugar Cane Drink: Too much water, ice, syrup. Can't taste the sugar cane

Pork Satay: BEST we've had omgomgomg

Sauce had pineapples too

BBQ Sting Ray: Passable

BBQ Wings: BEST one I've had all trip. SO crispy but perfectly moist inside yum!

15. Clementi Food Centre, Clementi

Roast Duck and BBQ Pork: Still think the BEST way to have duck is to eat the drumstick, UNCHOPPED

16. Koi Bubble Tea, Clementi

Hazelnut Bubble Tea: Good. I can see why people like this

17. Pepper Lunch, Suntec City

Wagyu Beef and Chicken Set: LOVE it. Especially the egg haha

18. Hanabi Japanese Restaurant, Odeon Towers

Japanese buffet restaurant. Was okay but they had food that were fantastic, average and very bad.

Mixed Sashimi: Okay

Assorted Temaki Handrolls: BEST I've ever had. Fresh ingredients, good sushi rice with UBER crispy seaweed. Had 4 of these wished I could fit more

19. Mellben Seafood Restaurant, Ang Mo Kio

Pork Ribs with Salted Egg Yolk: Prefer the ones with scallops at Pac Hse, Richmond

Fried Man Tou: YUM

Hong Kong Style Steamed Garoupa: LOVE IT. Fantastic fish and perfectly cooked

Butter Crab: Was okay, had better ones before

Crab Noodles: Nothing special. Just like diluted butter sauce and vermicilli. Meh

20. Timbre, near Dhoby Ghaut

Mojito: Nice and refreshing

Signature Peking Duck and Pepperoni Pizza: See the appeal, but not ecstatic about it. Too burnt at bottom too

21. Dynasty Palace, Ion Shopping Centre (revisited)

Pork La Mian and Dan Dan Noodles: SOOO good. Look at how perfectly the eggs are cooked too

22. CNY Eve Dinner at Relative's House

SO much food cooked by my aunt!!

She likes putting all the roe in one shell. Sinfully good lol

23. CNY Dinner at Another Relative's House

Fried Pork and Prawns Mince with "Fu Pi" aka Beancurd Skin: SOOO good!!! Had so many of these that night seriously. After that, I was convinced that food is so much better fried with beancurd skin than wonton skins. Try it

SO many good dishes that night. Ate like hell, really didn't want my tummy to get full

24. Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Pomo Centre

Seriously awesome japanese buffet restaurant, photos doesn't do it justice at all. Ate there for lunch, and went back for dinner THAT DAY. Two jap buffet meals back to back. It was insane but epic lol

Assorted Sashimi

Assorted Entrees

Assorted Sushi

Teppanyaki Grill Items

Fried Food Section


Had Salmon Head as well. Our family LOOOVES Salmon Head, there was one on each person's plate it was hilarious

What they specialise in here is definitely food cooked with salmon roe mayo (as shown above). All sooo goooood

Alaskan Snow Crab Legs: YUMM!!! And all you can eat!!!

Teppanyaki Beef

LOVE LOVE LOVE how they had Salmon BELLY at night. Seriously great sashimi, omg just look at that

More Salmon Head, please

25. Food Republic, Wisma Atria, Orchard Road

In my opinion, best food court on Orchard Road. Go there, and not anywhere else if you wanna grab a quick lunch while shopping around there

Famous Hokkien Prawn Mee: Nothing fantastic, tastes the same everywhere. Prawn still overcooked and broth was bit mild

"Hao Jian" aka "Fried Oysters": BESTTTT one we've had, out of all the places we tried in Singapore SOO good and crunchy with BIG(ger) oysters

26. Yeo Keng Nam Chicken Rice, Seranggoon

Garlic Sweet Potato Leaf: Good, love this veg

Curry Fish Head: Too sour, didn't like it

Hainanese Chicken: Don't normally like outside chicken, but this was REALLY GOOD

Fried Lo Bak: Okay

Stir-fried Bean Shoots: Yeah okay

27. Mong Hing Teochew Restaurant, Beach Road

Shark's Fin Soup: BEST I've had in a restaurant

SO generous with the Shark's fin too. Could taste so much of it in every bite

Suckling Pig: Too oily

Teochew Steamed Pomfret: In my opinion, best fish to be used for this style of cooking

Braised Goose: Good. Like that the meat is thin

Spinach, Enoki Mushrooms and Abalone: Abalone was nice and sweet, so was the veg. Good

Lotus Leaf Rice: Nothing fantastic, meh

"Ou Ni" aka "Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts": Love this dessert anywhere. Good

28. The Ship Restaurant, Orchard Road

Garlic Bread: Should be renamed to Butter Bread

Chicken A'la King: Meh, nothing exciting

My steak set ablaze from the Brandy

Signature Brandy Steak Thingo: Seriously, nothing exciting. Can't taste the Brandy from being smothered in sauce. Also, the fire didn't seem to add any "char" to my steak. Super meh meal

29. Famous Bak Chor Mee Stall, Bedok

Famous Bak Chor Mee: This was SERIOUSLY good. My friend, Ann, who brought us there highly recommended it and I can see why. Tasty broth with springy noodles and tender minced meat/meat balls. Loved every bite.

She also explains that the Bak Chor Mee here is very different from everywhere else in Singapore and it tastes so much better!

30. Waffle Stall, Potong Pasir Station

Pandan Waffle with Peanut Butter: Super yum!! Could really smell/taste the pandan. And oh the melted peanut butter mmmm. Not as crispy on the edges as the ones I've had in KK, but still good

31. Beach Road Prawn Mee, East Coast Road

Calamansi Drink: Light and refreshing

Prawn Mee: Broth was lovely and THICK, full of prawn flavour. Beautiful

Assorted Fried Items: Authentic Hakka Singaporean Dish. Too many items to name. Pork sausage, fish parts, yam roll, etc. Interesting

32. "Lou Sang" or "Yee Sang" from here and there

Mouth Restaurant, Chinatown

Mellben Seafood Restaurant, Ang Mo Kio

Mong Hing Teochew Restaurant, Beach Road


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