Monday, August 9, 2010

Good times (Part I)

Erm... I know I promised I wouldn't do this, but couldn't help it. Sorry... Again? Part I of the last 3 weeks of happy memories. Couldn't do it all at once cause had >100 piks to upload hehe. Also includes numerous happy meals with my sister before she left for Adelaide =]

(i) Master Restaurant, Footscray with Family

BEST Siew Yoke I've had in Melbourne. Every one could make the skin crispy, but this one was incredibly moist inside. Served with Peking Sauce (good idea). If only they had hint of garlic like the famous one in KL. Pretty much the only good dish that night

XO Clams with Chinese Donuts

Terribly sad "Golden Egg Yolk Fish". Why so pale? No duck egg yolk at all =(

Taro Duck. Don't know why but this tasted so much nicer the last time I was there, two years ago

Pi Pa Tofu

Complimentary Red Bean drink

SUCKS that forgot to take group picture that night ;O

(ii) Laksa King, Flemington

Spring rolls - I love wrapping veg around meat to eat

Fish Slice Mee Hoon

Fish Head Laksa

My awesome family. Big smiles. LOVE them to bits!! =)

(iii) Waterfront Restaurant, Station Pier, Port Melbourne

Chips with homemade aioli and celery salt

Raspberry and Hazelnut Creme Brulee. Bit too adventurous for my liking. Loved the biscotti though

BEST Sticky Date Pudding I've ever had. Loved this so much. Simple, perfect

You can't go wrong with Chocolate Fondants =)

Special thanks to Chris and Jenny for the surprise visit and taking us out to desserts in your Dad's awesome car ;p

(iv) Dragon Boat Restaurant, Chinatown

Bit my lips when friend suggested this place. With bill coming up to $30 per person (for the quantity and quality we were served), my predictions proved me perfectly right

However, an enjoyable time was had nonetheless. Was so great to eat with some of my favourite dinner buddies that night =)))

(v) KFC, Crown

Was craving for the Hot n Spicy Chicken (YUM!!!)

Went for KFC run with the guys right after watching "Up" at my place. Good times =)

Racing lol

(vi) Masterchef Potluck (!!!), City Point

Winston's Nobu Style Miso Fish
Like any good Teriyaki, I should have glazed the fish with the sauce towards the end. Otherwise, tasted pretty good. Recipe here

Winston's Vue De Monde inspired Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil
Really happy with how it turned out. After eating the one prepared by Shannon Bennett 2 yrs ago, I'm convinced that the only way I like to have my risotto, is with mushrooms. Recipe here

Julian's Fettuccine Pizza

Aun & Leanne's Vegetarian Lasagne

Chris & Vuina's Coq au Vin

Kel's Roast Chicken with Lemon and Prosciutto (under the skin!)

Jonathan's Tuna Fish Cakes

Ian's Sweet Belly Pork

Aaron's Pork Bun (man tou and siew yoke ALL made from scratch, yum!!)

Can't remember the last time we finished all the food at a potluck

Winnie & Zakky's Sticky Date Pudding - LOVED IT!! I like most warm desserts

Ian's Creme Brulee

Julian's Nutella Dessert Pizza

GREAT night. Talked about for so long, glad it finally happened. SO SORRY to Greg, Sue-Lee and Sam for not taking a picture of your awesome dishes in time =/

(vii) Cake and Cookie Baking Day, City Point

So yummy...........

Interesting cookie moulds from Tassie

Working hard to bake cookie goodness for our friends at uni =)

Finished product. REALLY loved this cookie recipe, tasted so so good. Every one enjoyed them too =). Also made Lemon Pound cake. Special thanks to JADE for making it all happen =)

(viii) Pacific House, Richmond

Golden Egg Yolk Scallops. Still as big, crunchy, fresh and juicy as ever. Can't get sick of this

Deep Fried Eel with Honey and Black Pepper

Only Round 1, had 5 more dishes coming after this. 13 dishes in total for 11 ppl *applause*. This is what happens when you ask me to order. I'm very kiasu with food, always over order =/

Deep Fried Egg Plant with Prawn Paste

Pi Pa Tofu

Taro Duck

Much better than Master Restaurant cause duck not dry and yam juicy. But duck was WAAAY too thin.

Lovely dinner with wonderful friends who visited from Brisbane =)

(viii) Yahweh Asian Grocery Store, Carlton

New favourite Asian Grocery store. Has everything that I ever want, except for Golden Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice. Love these drinks and they're SO cheap!! What I especially love about being there, is overhearing other customers going, "Oh wow I can't believe they have this here too!!"

Gonna try making Pho at home

No shortage of good instant noodles. Bought all these to try. I'm pretty sure I bought at least 10 types from there altogether

Snacks from Yah Weh, including my childhood favourite: Mi-Mi =). Follow them on Twitter for the latest promos here!

(ix) Homecooked Meals

Friend brought over these sausage rolls for lunch one day during the hols, how thoughtful!

Cooked a LOT at home too before Sis left. Clockwise (from top left): Belacan Kangkung, Stir fry Tauge, Korean Marinade Chicken, Omelette, Steamed Fish

Mushroom stock for my Mushroom Risotto. The hero behind the dish. Would love to make it again

Sis and I combining what we're both best at, in terms of Chinese homecooked food. Her eggplant and my steamed egg. BOTH SOOOO GOOD. Can eat with mountain of rice

Lap Cheong with Shittake Mushrooms Omelette (super yum!!) with leftover that Sis left for me before she left for Adelaide =(

She also left me some of her famous homemade wontons before leaving for Adelaide. Had it with ginormous plate of Bovril Pasta (which I LOVE to eat super yum!!!)

Kluang Bak Kut Teh. Famous in Johor, packets given to me by friend. Loved how it turned out and also the pik hehe =)


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