Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Potluck dinner on 29 Nov 2009

Piks from potluck dinner we had the other night with the uni gang as promised.

Oh btw, was fooling around with my friend's Canon DSLR camera this afternoon. Just to test out the functions and stuff to hopefully get the feel of it. Must say that it's really nice. Pictures turn out exactly how I want it to most of the time. So, hopefully I'll be able to upgrade my photog skillzzz from amateur digicam user to try hard wannabe pro soon. Been reading up on photography tips and researching cameras today too. Really liking it so far =]

Anyway, back to piks. Also note that have decided to make the piks bigger compared to before for viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Made creamy butter prawn. Managed to finish cooking the sauce before the butter started to brown which didn't manage to do first time I attempted this. Tip: Cut up butter to thin slices beforehand to melt faster. Also cause was in hurry, so didn't get to cook the prawns before the sauce. Will need to season and precook prawn with salt and pepper and also a bit of finely minced garlic instead of just tossing it in when sauce is ready. Curry leaves were packet ones cause the fresh once I had from an Aunty were all used up GAHH. These things would've made it much better but oh well. It was okay I guess.

Best lighting I could get zzzzzzz, no good no good. Need to learn how to edit and take better pictures =(

Calvin's roast leg of lamb. So yummy and cooked just nicely, medium rare! The vegs were also really yummy. Huge hit of the night.

Oh's signature Hakka Pork, aka "Zha Yuk". Seriously, lots of work go into this simple looking dish. But all worth it once you taste how good it is. Even better than the ones you get at restaurants, no joke.

Jackie's spring rolls

Calvin's other dish, Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Shin's potato salad

Before shot. Also missed out Jeff's shepherd's pie right there in the middle. Really nice too!

Round 1

Ken's Mauritian dish. Forgot the name but according to him it's a really authentic Mauritian hawker food. Always good to experience other culture through food.

Other hit of the night: BOILED RICE. It's so funny cause the rice was just going non stop but the pasta remained almost untouched haha. Feel bad cause it's not like the pasta wasn't nice which it was, it's just cause.......... we're Asian =]

Jade's authentic Malaysian snack, "Kuih Kapit" in Malay, aka "Qing Shing" in Chinese, aka "Love Letter" in English.

..... And it was sooo friggin' good!! MUCH lighter, sweeter, tastier and more importantly, CRUNCHIER than any you get back home during CNY! Hits home man, hits home. 10 points for making us feel nostalgic again

Given up. Too much good food. See what I mean about the pasta? Hehe

Lastly, Oreo Cheesecake made by Jeff! SO NICEEE. This guy can SERIOUSLY bake like nobody's business!

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