Monday, November 9, 2009

I keep my promises

This time in chronological order. Nothing fancy. Hope you enjoy anyway =)

CURLY FRIES!!!! I go nuts with these every time they sell it at McDonald's, Malaysia during Chinese New Year. Was ecstatic when I found these @ Aldi Superstore.

One of the simplest complete meal I've ever made. I've been wanting to go back to get these Kentucky Schnitzel @ Vic Mark for a long time cause I liked it so much the first time I had it. Glad I finally could. Anyway, pan fried schnitzel, baby spinach with balsamic vinegar and baked curly fries. I really only had to cook the schnitzel and dinner was prepared. NO SWEAT.

Made my first attempt for Crispy Skin Pork (Siew Yoke) and it tasted surprisingly good! And so simple that even a brainless monkey can do it. Highly recommend you guys to attempt to make your own Siew Yoke too. Recipe can be found at:

Wanted to try it with a small portion first and bought this beautiful piece of Pork Belly @ Footscray Market.

My housemate bought some really delicious Curry Puff @ Footscray. Have to ask him which store it's from. Apparently it's a famous one so some of you should know.

Anyway, since I was young I've always liked deep fried medium-sized red fish. So I decided to try deep fry it myself when I came across these ideal red fishes that I liked so much @ The Footscray Wet Market. Unfortunately, I still don't know the name and still refer to it as the red fish =/. Gotta ask Mum

Also, I've always preferred medium sized fish cause I like the skin more than the meat and that way I don't have to eat a huge chunk of meat to get a small piece of skin =). That's why the Lou Xu Ban, aka "Mouse Grouper" is one of my favourite expensive fish to eat, just cause of the size. Unless it's a really good fish like the "7 Star Grouper" or Hoi Dai Gai, aka "Underwater Chicken", etc, then I wouldn't mind them big =P

Yee-ha! Got 2 of these bad boys for about $5 only... WIN! Cooking your own food from the market is seriously so much cheaper and nicer. Dressed them with dark soy sauce and deep fried shallots (which my parents brought a whole jar of from KK ;p)

Attempted Chinese Wine Chicken the other day too. Just dumped the usual stuff like chinese mushrooms, chinese fungus, red dates and ginger and that's about it. Easy as. Only wished I had pan fried the chicken first but no matter. The broth went so well with rice so I was really happy with it =)

This was all I ate the first two days I was sick. Lots and lots of porridge. Here we have plain porridge with Bovril, century egg, canned black bean fish and omelette with preserved vegetable called, "Chai Bu". Not really sure what it is but it's what we eat with omelettes sometimes. Can't see it cause it's inside the porridge.

This omelette and "Chai Bu" always brings me back to the time my Late Grandfather's brother visited us from China. It was the first time we'd meet him so we had a family dinner with relatives that I didn't even know lived at KK! And seeing him was really touching cause I never got to see any of my Grandfathers and this was the closest I got to doing so at the time. And Dad told me that this Granduncle is still as fit and healthy as he was 50 years ago. He does lots of vigorous exercise to get to places in China and only eats porridge or food with very little oil and taste. So when he visited, he was so nice to give us some of this "Chai Bu" too. Such a memorable day.

So anyway, that's the grandmother story of why "Chai Bu" Omelette means a lot to me every time I eat it. Also it tastes great. I'll cook it for you guys one of these days.

When I was sick, I was constantly hungry cause porridge only filled your tummy up for a while. So I made the effort to pack myself the healthiest lunch I've ever prepared. I mean, three course meal, bebeh! Appetizer: Avocado salad, Main: 4 slices of Tuna Sandwich, Dessert: Green Apple. My tummy felt so complete and satisfied after that. At the time, I was still having very bad sore throat so I didn't want anything cooked or hot, period.

The no-oil diet continues on Day 4 of sickness. Sis made wontons so I made Seaweed and egg soup with glass vermicilli to go with it =)

ZOMG. Had this for lunch today and I enjoyed it so much!! It's Japanese ox tongue with rice (Gyu-Tan Don). Honestly, it's nothing like what you'd imagine. Tastes exactly like beef, but much nicer and chewier. And it was cut very thinly and cooked with a tasty sauce. YUM YUM YUM. Big thanks to my sis for the recommendation. Please order it anytime you're around the area. Can have it @Menya, Melbourne Central (in between Harajuku Crepes and Boost Juice).

There was 5 of us studying at my place just now, so I decided to cook a MASSIVE pot of Lamb Stew for everyone. If only I made it more presentable. Anyway it still tasted pretty good. Cooked it with some Pasta sauce, Heinz Smoky BBQ Sauce and Lea&Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce =D. Made extra so I can pop the leftover in the fridge overnight so it can taste better the next day. Always works with any kind of stew woo hoo!

As a hobby, I like to either cook/visit food blogs/blog about food. Surprise surprise. Told you I wouldn't let too many pictures pile up this time.

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